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3 Steps to Becoming New Grad-Ready and Landing Great Talent

There is a war going on: the War For Talent. Whether you know it or not, you’re already involved in this great battle if you’re looking to continually source the latest and greatest talent. There are only so many new graduates leaving school this year, and as we learned in Economics 101, with a limited supply comes greater demand.

Snatching up these new Generation Z graduates from competitors (and then keeping them engaged at your workplace) starts with treating new hires as consumers, improving your employer brand to appeal to these possibly picky consumers, and stepping up your employee onboarding game. Let’s study up on the three steps to becoming new grad-ready, below.

Phase 1 of Landing Great Talent: Flipping the Switch to a Customer Mindset

Your organization’s sales and marketing teams spend their days focused on selling to customers. As an HR professional, you focus on selling just as much as these other departments, with one little difference: your audience is employees instead of customers.

The best way to get new hires to “buy” your employer brand like customers purchase your company’s products/services is to treat them exactly like customers—with respect and long-term branding goals in mind. Research shows that, according to buyers, the top four ways to create a positive sales experience include:

  • Listening to their needs (69% of respondents)
  • Not pushing too hard (61%)
  • Delivering relevant information (61%)
  • Being responsive (51%)

Those strategies should sound pretty familiar to anyone who has tried recruiting and onboarding… well, anyone… ever. That’s because respect, open communication, and needs-centric service work to sell not only products and services, but your company's brand as well. Landing great grad talent starts with first flipping a mental switch organization-wide and approaching recruiting from a sales mindset.

Phase 2: Building an Employer Reputation That Appeals to These Consumers

How do salespeople and marketing professionals sell to customers? By identifying their needs and wants, and then addressing these needs and wants. Translating that from sales speak: give the people exactly what they want and they’ll love you for it!

The same goes for attracting new Generation Z graduates. After making that mental switch from recruiter to recruiter-quasi-salesperson extraordinaire, it’s time to implement sales-like tactics that will lure new graduates to you like bees to honey… starting with building an undeniably appealing employer reputation. A few ideas:

  • Generation Z professionals are more motivated by job security and benefits than their Millennial counterparts, thanks to growing up during the Great Recession.

Recruiting Hack: Advertise your tangible workplace benefits, such as competitive salaries, healthcare benefits, vacation time, and extra perks like free meals or gym membership reimbursement.

Recruiting Hack: You’re probably already actively posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and perhaps even Twitter and Instagram, but consider taking your social media marketing to the next level by using videos to personalize your employer brand. Create an “about us” video that charmingly brags about your brand, features employees talking about why they love what they do, and gives viewers a reason to care. After watching, new grads should get a feel for what they would experience when stepping into your office.

Recruiting Hack: Although you may be wooing more than one new graduate, the key to recruiting success is to make each one feel like they’re the most important. Customize your response emails whenever possible (even if this means using a CRM to separate emails into much more targeted batches), prioritize human interaction, and add detail to job descriptions to ensure that they stick out from the generic crowd.

Phase 3: Onboarding the Ever Loving Engagement Into Your New Employees

Hooray, you’ve landed some new hires! That's absolutely cause for celebration, but don’t let it stop you from continuing to woo your new employees. Think of it as a marriage; saying “I do” is just the beginning. Employee onboarding is a natural extension of that initial recruitment stage, and the time to promote engagement and build the foundation for a happy (work) life starting from the employee’s very first week.

For Generation Z, a cohort of digital natives, digital onboarding is the way to go. If you have yet to create a customized onboarding program that combines seamless user experience and personalized content, there’s no time to lose.

Check out a free demo of our onboarding app that can help you keep your new graduate hires!

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