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Employee onboarding: 5 latest trends & statistics that stand out

Employee onboarding: it isn’t just a passing fad. Like Breakfast at Tiffany’s or your grandma’s cheesecake recipe, onboarding is timeless! In fact, most HR directors and people managers would agree that employee onboarding and cultureboarding are the foundational part of every employee’s journey to success and a crucial part of your organization’s culture.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered some radical onboarding statistics that every HR manager should know, as well a recent onboarding trend you should jump behind if you want your employees more engaged and productive in 2018.

75% of employee turnover could be prevented

Red alert, this is not a drill! In a study of more than 240,000 employees, Work Institute determined that more than 75% of the reasons why employee leave could be prevented by employers. These causes include:

  • Lack of career development
  • Work environment
  • Management behavior
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Work-life balance and wellbeing

76% of employees that feel undervalued are searching for other jobs right now

That is where great onboarding comes into play: it addresses nearly all of the issues that lead to consistent turnover, ultimately helping to retain the top talent that you work so hard to attract. For instance, a year-long onboarding program with weekly training sessions ensures that employees not only master the learning curve faster, but that they also receive the career development opportunities they crave.

Onboarding can help new hires reach significant milestones in half the time

Speaking of the learning curve, did you know that onboarding can cut the learning curve in half? Consider this the cherry on top: new hires who undergo proper onboarding also outperform their non-onboarded peers within three to five years.

1 in 5 workers don’t believe that their employers have their best interest at heart

Nearly 20% of respondents
don’t believe that their companies will take care of them, and three out of every four workers who are disengaged at the office are actively searching to leave. Before you barricade the door, just know that an employee exodus is preventable; cultureboarding is one of the best ways to demonstrate how much you value your employees and build a world-class workplace culture.

For instance, at Zappos, managers are expected to devote 10-20% of their department’s time to team building activities. This emphasis on onboarding and making their company culture a top priority has earned the company a reputation for engaged employees and a fantastic customer experience.

happy-face An Onboarding Trend to Try: Digital Onboarding

If shooting a car in space wasn’t enough of an indication that we’re living in the future, maybe the latest HR and onboarding technology is. Top companies like L’Oréal are already developing apps to update and streamline their onboarding while others are investing in gamification, all in the name of engaging and retaining their new hires. Jumping onto these new onboarding trends will lead to better outcomes for your new employees!

At Talmundo, we use technology to make digital onboarding a breeze for HR departments like yours - because you and your new hire's deserve it!

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