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How to keep your star talent and level up your brand

High performers are always in demand; they are the game changers that level up companies. You can bet that recruiters are lurking, waiting to poach your best and brightest before they can even claim a spot in the breakroom refrigerator. An effective onboarding process is the best weapon you have to make a newbie feel valued—and more likely to stay—from the moment they accept their offer.

Remember, the new hire experience doesn’t start on the first day of work. In fact, depending on your recruitment process, that journey could begin months prior. Don’t miss out on these key opportunities to keep new employees excited about being a part of your team from the moment they sign their contract in order to retain top talent.

Three months out

We know three months before an employee’s start date may seem premature for onboarding, but long pre-start periods do happen. Maybe your new hire accepted your job offer while finishing up at university or perhaps you found someone sooner than expected to fill an upcoming vacancy. Whatever the reason, use those months to your full advantage.

Sure, the sheer awesomeness of your company could be enough to keep a new hire committed. Just to make sure though, try these things to foster commitment a few months out from day one:

  • Provide a roadmap so new employees know what’s coming down the line in the onboarding process.

  • Foster warm fuzzies about the company by connecting new hires with your culture. KPMG Belgium, for example, worked with Talmundo to develop a pre-boarding program that introduced their organization to new graduate hires months before their start date. The app delivers a message from the CEO, leads new hires up to their first day, provides an interactive 360-degree office map, and shares the contact details of their new coworkers.

  • Finalize paperwork so your new employee doesn’t face a mountain later.

Day one

First impressions really are everything. After pre-boarding, capitalize on your new hire’s excitement on day one.

  • Why not make the first day a celebration? Let’s face it, a hearty breakfast or amazing lunch is enough to bring anyone back for day two and it’s a great way to get your group together in a comfortable setting.

  • Promote one-on-one relationships. After the group stuff, carve out some personal time for the new hire to chat with their manager, coworkers, mentor, and even a few company leaders if possible. These relationships help newbies feel an instant connection to the company.

  • Coming into a new space brings up a lot of questions. Make sure there’s a process in place for new hires to ask every one of them and receive timely answers. (Pro tip: Check out this list of 82 questions your new hires wish you’d answer to prepare answers ahead of time).

Months one through three

You’ve held onto your rising star through the months prior to their start date and the first few days on the job. Congratulations! Now that they’re settled in, it’s the perfect time to plan for a long future to retain top talent!

  • Your new hire may still have questions about the company. Keep lines of communication in place.

  • You’ve heard of exit interviews. Why not conduct a stay interview? Find out what will make your employee stay before they start making any plans to leave. (Pro tip: Learn how the best employers create a culture of employee retention).

  • Employees want opportunity for growth. Have that conversation within the first few months and lay out the path for advancement, so they can clearly see their bright future with your company.

If all of this seems like a lot of work, have no fear—there’s help on the horizon. Talmundo delivers an employee onboarding solution that combines HR best practices with your company’s culture for an onboarding experience that educates, inspires, and engages.

So what are you waiting for? Try our onboarding solution and make retaining your best people your TOP priority!New call-to-action

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