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New HR for new generations: 3 outdated assumptions to rethink right now

You’ve heard the stereotypes: Gen Z wants every workplace to have flexible hours and a free coffee bar. Millennials don’t have the work ethic of previous generations. Some of these labels aren’t just unkind, they are also untrue and outdated… and they can lead you in the wrong direction when it comes to hiring and onboarding.

Time to rethink what you (think you) know about the young bucks flooding the workforce. Below we’ve collected a few of the most common assumptions about the Millennial and Gen Z cohorts that need to be challenged for organizational success. Does your HR department need to say goodbye to these three misconceptions? 

Assumption #1: Gen Z doesn’t work well in teams. 

Blame the selfies and entrepreneurial interest for giving Gen Z a self-involved reputation. In reality, this cohort—the newest grads on the market—is often made of team players. They are used to a collaborative setting and can’t wait to bring their years of knowledge to the new team.

In fact, 77% of percent of Generation Zers believe that they’ll work harder than previous generations did, according to Robert Half. And they’re willing to do it as long as they’re surrounded by the right people!

Assumption #2: Millennials aren’t loyal.

Job hopping is synonymous with Millennials these days, leading to some rumors that they aren’t loyal to employers. True, they are willing to make moves in order to find something better, but who isn't? And they're not doing it any more frequently than the previous generation. One Pew Research study found that when Gen Xers were 18 to 35 years old, only 59.9% stayed at their job for at least 13 months, compared to 63.4% of Millennials.

Assumption #3: You have to spend more money to attract the younger generations.

Although pay and benefits will always be top of mind for employees, research shows that younger generations are willing to trade money for one thing: a company that aligns with their personal values. 86% of Millennials would take a pay cut to work at a company that matches their mission, compared to only 9% of Baby Boomers. In other words, your company culture and brand have never been more important.

What you’ve heard isn’t what you get.

The newest generations of employees can knock your socks off as long as you give them a chance to shine from the get-go. That means tailoring onboarding programs specifically for these different cohorts. After all, using the same onboarding program for everyone is like attempting to re-gift last year’s Christmas present; eventually you may find someone that fits the bill, but you’ll alienate a lot of people along the way. (Hope you like those bath soaps, grandma.)

We can help you develop profile-specific onboarding campaigns that meet the needs of different types of new hires. Start by downloading your free copy of our New Hire Profile Manual, which features:

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