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    The HR professional's guide to good onboarding software

    What employee onboarding software solution is best for your organization's needs?

    If you're looking for more engaged, productive hires who stay longer then this question should be at the very top of your list!

    It's a fact, a good (or 'best-in-class') onboarding process delivers confident, empowered team members and ambassadors, yet only yet only 9% of managers, 19% of HR administrators, and 25% of employees thought their organization delivered onboarding 'extremely well.

    The right employee onboarding software will help take your onboarding program from so-so to spectacular - in no time at all.

    It will free up time for HR, ensure your new hires key contacts are kept “in-the-loop”, and will let you deploy your journey across multiple locations and departments at the push of a button.

    But not all onboarding software is created equal. To find the right solution for your organization, start by considering this:


    Best-in-class organizations choose future-friendly tech that supports experience-based (‘proactive’) onboarding, placing focus on the candidate’s journey from the moment they sign their contract through until they are fully integrated into the company.

    Traditional onboarding tech has more limited capabilities, leaning towards a passive form of onboarding where priority is centered around ticking administrative boxes. Don’t get us wrong, compliance is important, but the best results come when compliance and experience are symbiotic.

    Must-Have Techs and Specs

    From a ‘tech and specs’ perspective, there are 4 key things you need to consider when choosing an onboarding software solution:


    Does the software integrate with your existing ATS [Applicant Tracking System]?

    If you've built an HR framework around a particular set of systems, throwing something into the mix that can't communicate with any of them will have serious long-term implications.


    Is the software easy-to-use with an intuitive, modern interface?

    If it's not easy to use, then no one will use it. Not your team and certainly not your onboardees. Both the back and front end of the software needs to have strong UX infused at every level.


    Is the software cloud-based and responsive across mobile devices?

    If it's not cloud-based and mobile-friendly, it will soon be obsolete. You want something HR can update at the press of a button and that your onboardees can access on-the-go.


    Does the provider support companies of similar size & scale as yours?

    If they're already working with companies like yours, they'll be better prepared for any challenges you may send their way. [Pro-tip] Be sure to check that they offer a solid customer support service.

    Companies require their employee onboarding software to be capable of ongoing transformations and innovations to stay competitive, and a solution that ticks all four of these boxes is in the best position to do just that.

    Must-Have Features

    From a ‘features’ perspective, these are the 4 key things you need to consider when choosing an onboarding software solution:


    Is the software customizable to your brand and story?

    Employer branding is becoming increasingly important in today's modern workforce, and onboarding is the perfect time to showcase yours - so don't miss out on a prime opportunity to do so.


    Will the software allow you to measure the success of your onboarding?

    Best-in-class organizations capture learnings and key measurements, both positive and negative, from their new hire journey and apply them for increased business success.


    Can the software push timed content & notifications to onboardees and team members?

    This is one of the most important aspects of good onboarding. It allows you to keep all relevant people in the loop and ensures new hires receive all key info without being overwhelmed. 


    Does the software allow you to manage diverse users split across various departments & locations?

    If you have more than one onboarding story to tell, then this is key. You want to be able to balance consistency of messaging with the need to personalize based on location, department, and role.

    The most effective onboarding software allows you to build a unique story, with engaging, interactive content, true to your brand that can be delivered to multiple locations at the right time.

    The takeaway?

    Choosing the RIGHT piece of onboarding technology for your organization can be instrumental in taking your new hire journey to the next level.

    So take your time, do your research and be sure to think beyond today's challenges to future-proof your journey for tomorrow.

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