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Your Company Fact Sheet Is Boring

Nothing says "welcome to our company" better than a stack of paperwork the size of the Eiffel Tower, right?

For new employees, it can be overwhelming trying to learn all they need to know about your company, plus get up-to-speed on their new role.

For you and your team, it can be daunting pulling together concise, compelling human resources onboarding materials that best represent your company, all while adaquately addressing a spectrum of associates—from entry- to executive-level.


Key company facts are typically peppered throughout multiple human resources packets, one-sheets, and binders (please tell us you're not still using binders!). One simple way to cut down on paperwork and relay important information is to create an image-driven company fact sheet.

Company fact sheets can include infographics, charts, and photos, as well as additional onboarding content. It's been well-proven that using visuals ensures that employees will actually read what you give them. 

Visuals help employees better digest and remember information, and, it's all about presentation. Overall, a one-page company fact sheet using relevant graphics or images looks much more presentable compared to a pile of stiff, corporate-looking paperwork (think long, bulleted lists in small-point type... ugh).

An engaging and brief company fact sheet can help new employees feel informed and confident on their very first day, and it can save your team a lot of time. Your message will be more effective when you boil it down into quick, digestable information "bites".

Ready to create a new fact sheet for your company? Here are a few examples, templates, and resources to get you started!

If you don't have access to a designer, that's ok. We found that Venngage is a cost-effective way to create professional infographics and data sheets. A business package is only $49 per month. You can also try Canva or Piktochart, equally good resources for templates and customizable fact sheets.


Source: Venngage

Another way to create a relevant and succinct fact sheet is to understand what not to include. According to The Balance, when creating any fact sheet, you shouldn't use too many facts (which can be confusing), nor should you offer multiple sources that say the same thing. fact sheet.png

Fact sheets should be simple and straightforward. If you have data you'd like to show in a chart, it should be presented in a clear and clean format—even for the most complicated industries. If you don't have access to a design team or if you don't already have a suite of company-branded materials on-hand, a quick Google search for fact sheet templates or company overview fact sheets yields some good examples. To get you started, here are a few we like:

  • Check out some online company overviews, such as this one from Merck, a top, international pharmaceutical company. The format is very intuitive, because it takes into account that we read left to right—so by left aligning all headers, it offers quick information access.
  • Global risk management firm, Aon, tells its story succinctly with well-placed icons for business divisions and a bright, red color that commands a reader's attention.
  • GoDaddy, a company powering the world's largest cloud platform, created a stunning company fact sheet by using large size type, vibrant color, and infographics. GoDaddy goes big—and you shouldn't shy away from it either!

Need some additional inspiration? Check out tried-and-true Pinterest. There are always excellent examples of visual styles as well as different design layouts to use as a "jumping off" point for your company's fact sheet. 

fact sheet 2.jpeg

Source: Pinterest

Your company fact sheet should be the one source your employees can always quickly refer back to anytime, so the format should be accessible digitally as well. Keep in mind—less is more!

On that note, here's our all-time favorite example...the Talmundo company fact sheet! This is the actual  infographic that we use for our new hire onboarding program, so we hope it provides some insight as you create your own! 


Ready to streamline your company's onboarding experience?  Try some of these new hire orientation ideas!

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