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Talmundo's employee onboarding solution helps you easily build an inspiring onboarding journey for your employees.

Our software blends HR best practices with your company's culture to deliver a great onboarding experience that will positively impact your business by getting your hires up and running and integrated faster. That's onboarding for the new digital world!

Keep scrolling to see some highlights from an example digital journey as experienced by a new hire. 

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Welcome to the onboarding platform!

Delight and engage your new hires as soon as they decide to join your team.


The next day

Lay out a roadmap for the whole preboarding process. Let more experienced employees share their stories and personal testimonials with newcomers through our platform.

"I still had so many questions even after I signed my contract. Having a digital platform to turn to throughout my onboarding helped answer a lot of them."
- Mike Stewart, Customer Support

A couple of days later

Use the platform to get new hires' feedback on their experience during recruitment. Help them build connections with their future teammates through pre-start introductions.
"The interview process was very different from what I was used to. I really liked the situational role-plays!"
- Lucy Asadi, Marketing Analyst

A month before day 1

Make sure all the admin forms are out of the way, freeing up up time for meaningful in-person interactions. 

Three weeks to go

Help incoming employees connect with their manager and future teammates before they get to the office. This will help them ask their new colleagues and key contacts any questions as soon as they arise.

"I was born in London but moved to Paris when I was 16, so it’ll be great to come "home" again. Looking forward to joining the London team in a few weeks!"
- Jerome Graham, Business Development

Two weeks to go

Start the training process with relevant company- and role-related info. Ensure learning happens with fun quizzes to test their knowledge.


One week to go

Give new hires all the first day details they need – how to get there, where to park, what to wear... Prep makes it perfect, ensuring everything goes smoothly and your new hires get to focus on a great first day!


The big day

The first weeks

Help your new hires learn more about the company, your products, their role and other key programs with time-released content and training modules.

"We love being able to reach out to new hires before they start and help them learn when it’s most meaningful for them as they progress in their onboarding."
- Elena Martinez, Human Resources

The first months

Learning continues. Development opportunities arise. Check in with new hires regularly to make sure that they’re still on track and no issues are left unaddressed.

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The benefits

A good onboarding program isn't just about an awesome employee experience - it should also deliver clear business results. We've done some research for you, so you don't have to... here are some reasons why having an engaging and structured process in place is good for business. You're welcome!
Companies with a structured onboarding program
Companies without a structured onboarding program


Retained best employees


Meet milestones

New employees met 1st year milestones on time



Improvement in hiring manager satisfaction


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More onboarding platform features

A fully responsive cloud software solution for intuitive employee onboarding.

Track their progress

Give your new hires an overview of how they're progressing during those first few months on the job.

Take it with you

Our made-for-mobile cloud solution means that your employees can access the platform from any device, anytime.

Time-relevant content

With tasks and notifications you can be sure that your new joiners have the tools and knowledge they need, when they need it.

Great for all kinds of companies

Retail, Tourism & Hospitality, Construction & Infrastructure, Banking, Education... all companies' greatest asset are their people - so give them the welcome they deserve.

Build connections

Help your new joiners interact with their future team, and let your existing employees share their experiences with new hires.

Forms & administration

No need for all that paperwork. Customizable forms let you get the documentation out of the way and even integrate it with your existing systems.

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