[Guide] Different types of offboarding

A simple guide to the most common offboarding scenarios

What to expect from the guide:

6 TYPES OF OFFBOARDING We take a first-hand look at the 6 different types of offboarding.
FUTURE-PROOF STRATEGY Understand what works (and what doesn’t) for the different offboarding types.
PRACTICAL TIPS & TRICKS Use our ‘offboarding essentials’ checklist for each type to make meaningful improvements to your processes.
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The first step toward better exit management processes is acknowledging that there is value to be added by investing in this final employee lifecycle stage.
Head of Customer Success, Talmundo
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Even your most loyal employees will move on at some point, either towards a new opportunity, their retirement or even as a result of restructuring within your organization.

It’s important to understand that whilst all leavers need a structured exit management process, your practices need to be tailored to support different types of leavers - you wouldn’t give the same offboarding experience to a retiree and someone who is having their contract discontinued right?


So let’s take a look at some of the most common leaver profiles and the kind of processes you need to have in place to cater to their unique offboarding situation.

Which profiles do you recognize from your company?