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New hire profile guide_

Insights on several of the most common new hire personalities and what makes them tick!

The guide will help you:

DISCOVER Discover the different personalities and what makes them tick.
UNDERSTAND Understand the questions that keep them up at night and how to work-out their woes.
EXPLORE Explore new ways to get onboardees engaged and excited about joining your company.

What to expect_

All new employees bring their own unique energy to Day 1, but they also bring a set of fears, anxieties, and concerns that may keep them from doing their jobs well.

Onboarding addresses these concerns early and gives you the opportunity to personalize the new hire’s experience as much as possible.


Not all new hires have the same questions and concerns when they start a new job though, so why are you putting all your new hires through the same generic onboarding program?

Even if you're already tailoring onboarding to different departments or locations, for your onboarding program to be truly successful you need to also answer the questions that your new people have.

So let’s take a look at some of the most common newbie profiles and the kind of questions they might have, but be afraid to ask.

Which profiles do you recognize from your company?