An HR chatbot for every new hire_

Meet Eva.





Eva knows the answers to all of your new hires’ questions, helping them learn more about your company, while learning more about them herself.

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Eva's credentials

  • Multilingual

    Eva speaks English, French and Dutch fluently, rapidly learning German and Spanish to further her bot career.


  • Interactive

    She loves helping new hires, and will prompt them to take tests on their knowledge of the company, ask them how they are doing by offering to fill in pulse checks, and remind the busy newbies about any forms they have yet to fill in, using the information from your content modules.

  • Humble and (Artificially) Intelligent

    When Eva doesn’t know an answer to a question, she will be the first one to admit it and will send an email to the HR manager, making sure they help her answer. And when that question comes up again, Eva would have already learnt the answer by heart. Her internal database of questions will grow rapidly, as more new hires ask her for help. 


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