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Deloitte Belgium chooses our onboarding software to instill a deep understanding of the organizational culture in new hires and equip them with a sense of belonging and confidence to represent the company to the outside world from day one on the job. 


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Annelies Bijdekerke

Senior Manager PMO Talent, Deloitte Belgium


Annelies is a seasoned project manager for firm-wide programs in a range of areas related to Talent Management, but always keeping the focus on the people at the heart of her organization.

Deloitte Belgium chooses to implement Talmundo to upgrade their New employee experience


Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services with more than 263,900 professionals globally (source). Deloitte has been named among 2017 “Best Companies To Work For” for 18 years in a row (source), not least due to their employee-centric approach and a relentless innovation spirit.


Annelies shares her experience of implementing the Talmundo onboarding solution and streamlining Deloitte Belgium's new hire welcome by leveraging technology where it makes the most impact.

"We send our new hires off to clients as soon as they arrive with us, so we need to make sure they feel and act like a Deloitter by the time they step into the office."

Before: overwhelmed (and underprepared)_

Before implementing the Talmundo App, new hires at Deloitte were exposed to too much information at once. Documents, presentations and induction lectures- there is only a limited amount of hours in the day to go over all of the materials available for employee orientation, let alone - for new hires to process the information properly. New hires’ inboxes and desks were flooded with paperwork, replacing the excitement of starting a new job with feeling overwhelmed.

"Instead of giving them a one day long of Powerpoint training, Talmundo really helps us deliver information on time, in pieces and in a timely basis. Cutting up the information we send to the new hires, helps us really get the message through."

After: less (content) is more_

Using Talmundo’s automated content delivery system allowed Deloitte to simplify and consolidate onboarding processes at once. Having launched their Onboarding 2.0 approach in June 2017, Deloitte Belgium has already transformed multiple facets of new hire welcome, with the Talmundo Welcome App at its core.

Today new hires at Deloitte Belgium receive an invitation to join the app right after they have signed their contract. With many graduate hires entering the company every year, their start day is frequently months after the interviewing and recruitment stages. Instead of losing touch with new hires show up on their first day, Deloitte sustains communication throughout the pre-boarding period through Talmundo's onboarding solution, supporting future employees throughout their examinations and graduation struggles, preparing them for a successful first day on the job and career beyond.

First day wonders_

Today the new hire welcome day at Deloitte is supported by relevant digital content delivered to new hires and further enhanced by unique Business Unit Induction sessions and social events at the office. This combination of technology and in-person approach makes sure that new hires’ valuable time is spent only on processing the information relevant to them and their department. Out with the general welcome talks - in with the hands-on practical approach that will get new Deloitters productive faster.


"Onboarding is pretty important in terms of connecting with your people and making sure they understand exactly what their role is about,” explains Annelies.

Penchant for prioritization_

With a new approach to onboarding, information delivered to new hires was seen in a new light. To others considering using a digital onboarding solution, Annelies suggests setting their HR and orientation priorities straight first, and only then employing technology to deliver the content to new hires. Having a clear goal in mind means cutting down on paperwork and presenting information in a coherent structured manner.

KPI’s early on_

Talmundo’s integrated pulse-checks and feedback mechanisms deliver all the crucial new hire feedback straight to HR, allowing Annelies and her team to assess the success of app integration, as well as build on their knowledge of popular content modules.


Deloitte has insights into the most popular content - Let’s take off, Discover Deloitte, Ambassador - and realtime feedback on statement like, "I felt welcome by my team lead," and "As far as I know today, Deloitte is the right environment to realise my professional ambitions." With feedback forms going beyond the welcome day and into an assessment of the overall recruitment experience, the app allows Deloitte to get a more holistic image of their interaction with talent.

Future goals_

While the initial transformation of new hire onboarding processes might be behind us, it is only the beginning of the collaboration between Deloitte Belgium and Talmundo. The two are looking to introduce a more structured approach to compliance documentation in a digital form, to extend pre-boarding into the recruitment stage with new grads before they even get hired, as well as provide further opportunities for turning new hires into ambassadors - Talmundo is there to support Deloitte's onboarding innovations as the app continues to evolve.
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What other clients say_

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  • "The Talmundo team is very professional, very agile, and very responsive to our needs. We are demanding - we know that - but they were able to help us, and help us well."

    - Annelies Bijdekerke | Senior Manager PMO Talent, Deloitte Belgium