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    KPMG: Connect early, connect often

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    KPMG Belgium chooses Talmundo’s onboarding software as a means of creating engagement with new hires as soon as they sign their KPMG contract.


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    Wouter Van Linden

    Corporate HR Director, KPMG Belgium


    Corporate HR Director with a growing team (10% net growth). His main goal is to make sure the team can cope with that growth and continue to develop their people at the same high standards.

    KPMG Belgium Teams Up with Talmundo to Connect with New Hires Early On


    Through our unique automated solution Talmundo helped KPMG pioneer an onboarding-mindful approach, increase new hire retention, and create a working system for pre-onboarding that ensures newcomers at KPMG find their place quickly within the company.


    Wouter Van Linden, Corporate HR Director at KPMG Belgium shares his experience of taking an onboarding process to a new level with the help of HR tech automation.

    KPMG is a professional service company and one of the Big Four auditors. With 7 offices in Belgium, it has four lines of services: tax, audit, advisory and accountancy.

    An integral part of the KPMG ethos is to be consistently up to date with business innovation as well as technology solutions, striving to not only advise their clients on these solutions, but also incorporate the best-of-class into their own business.

    At KPMG we have two assets that drive our business: our clients and our people.

    Wouter Van Linden
    Corporate HR Director, KPMG Belgium

    How has the Talmundo app changed KPMG's onboarding program?

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    Need for innovation_

    KPMG used to have no pre-boarding before implementing Talmundo, with onboarding starting on the first day at the office in person. Especially with graduate new hires, the waiting period between signing a contract and coming into the office can sometimes stretch for months, and with no system for direct communication in place, new hires had to wait for the first day at work to start to get introduced to the KPMG culture. And once at the office, it used to take longer for new employees to find their way around the company and the new office environment.

    Changing the mindset_

    Bringing pre-boarding into the picture altered the mindset behind the whole new hire welcome process. KPMG as an organization aims to be at the vanguard of new technology, becoming one of the early adopters of automated onboarding practices.

    Main HR goals_

    At KPMG it is all about the people. Making sure KPMG employer brand remains attractive, finding the right candidates and keeping them, and onboarding and developing their employees is all a part of their long-term game plan.


    Engagement Strategy

    The cost of replacing a new graduate hire amounts to 80-100% of their annual salary. As the risk of losing a graduate employee is higher, to increase new hire retention in the interim period after contract signing, KPMG aimed to boost new hire engagement with Talmundo.

    Experienced Hires

    Information Delivery

    With experienced hires, the issue at hand had less to do with engaging them during pre-onboarding, as it was with informing them once on the job. Making sure your experienced employees are equipped for excellence at the earliest date came with introducing smooth content delivery systems together with Talmundo.


    Why Talmundo?

    Easy solutions

    In line with the innovation spirit at the heart of KPMG, they will rarely choose to work with large companies or bulky standardized old-fashioned tools. Using a flexible integrated and secure app that can deliver on its promises was the key in picking Talmundo as their software provider. 

    Key HR pillars

    Using the 4 C’s onboarding strategy, KPMG employs Talmundo to deliver on the elements of compliance and culture. Compliance is achieved by sending the key documents to every new hire, while the culture is gradually introduced through branded content in the form of videos, contact information and testimonials. The seeds for Connection are planted through the app, but even a great tool can’t always replace the human touch.

    Best to work and develop together with entrepreneurs who come up with new and crazy innovative solutions than to play it safe - you don’t build a unique brand by doing the same as everyone else.

    Corporate HR Director, KPMG Belgium

    What is your favourite part of the Talmundo platform?

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    A new onboarding reality at KPMG_

    Together with the Talmundo app, the onboarding process at KPMG today starts months before new hire’s first day at the office - as soon as the contract is signed. Now an integral part of the continuous employee journey, the app leads every new hire up to their first day and continues being a crucial content support during orientation activities on the welcome day, with new milestones and feedback checkpoints taking place after months 1, 3 and 6 as well.


    Talmundo helps deliver the welcome pack to new hires as well as prepare them for their first day on the job, get to know the contact details of their new colleagues and find their way around the office with an interactive 360 degrees experience. With push notifications enabled by Talmundo, KPMG can connect with their new hires by forwarding teaser posts, company reminders and messages from the CEO, creating a foundation for a long-term bond.

    Measuring success_

    2 years & running

    According to the in-app pulse checks, KPMG employees rate their hiring experience at 4.45 out 5 and their first week experience at 4.12,- with an 81% app activation rate amongst all new hires – younger and old(er) alike. Thanks to the option of providing feedback in-app, the KPMG HR team knows exactly what to focus on and how to achieve their goals going forward.


    Aiming to accelerate the growth of their team by 2020 brings new exciting challenges for employee orientation and development. Testing new features and innovating together has become a key pillar of the collaboration between Talmundo and KPMG.


    Together with the KPMG employees and app users, Wouter aims to be always up to speed with the latest HR trends and developments of Talmundo. From using the tool to deliver compliance documentation to all employees, to virtual reality and artificial intelligence… Who knows what the future can really bring when you are working with the best in the business?

    There is now a structured process. We have identified the key moments of the new hire journey and pinpointed the instances when you should pay attention to the employee. As a result, new hires integrate into the company faster.

    Corporate HR Director, KPMG Belgium
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