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    Sodexo: Organizational digitalization at its best

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    Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services uses Talmundo to align their new hire welcome with the digitalization of the organization as a whole.


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    André Bardella

    Global Learning & Development Project Manager, Sodexo


    André Bardella specializes in learning projects, management, and sales development programs, currently making sure onboarding at Sodexo is on par with the company-wide digitalization strategy.

    Sodexo teams up with Talmundo to welcome their new hires


    By using Talmundo Sodexo digitalized and unified their new hire welcome, making sure the most up-to-date corporate information is shared with new employees around the world in one click.


    André shares his HR digitalization tips and his experience with building an onboarding process with us.

    Our main challenge for HR this year was to make sure HR supports the overall digitalization of our business. Thanks to technology we can get closer to our people.

    André Bardella
    Global Learning & Development Project Manager, Sodexo

    The struggle before Talmundo_

    Onboarding at Sodexo used to rely on a manual process of setting up welcome meetings and orientation presentations. It was up to individual HR people to create onboarding plans for every new hire and the process overall was neither standardized nor digital.

    To deliver new information to new employees, different in-person meetings were arranged for every possible company-related topic. However, as Sodexo constantly grows and evolves, so should the presentations about the business across offices and countries, and it was becoming a serious challenge to guarantee the consistency of corporate information across endless PowerPoint decks across all offices and locations.

    Onboarding @ Sodexo _ What was your onboarding struggle before Talmundo_


    Treat your colleagues like customers (or even better)_

    HR at Sodexo plays a huge role in terms of supporting digital transformation, as they want to make sure that they give the same level of digital experience to their employees as they provide to their clients and consumers.


    Through the overall digitalization of the business, now they can get closer to the people they help. And within HR, technology presents a clear way of getting closer to their people.

    Software implementation made simple_

    It took two HR professionals to implement onboarding with Talmundo. “When your team isn’t too big, it is crucial for the admin user interface to be intuitive. You update the content once, and it is accessible to new hires across all offices and departments instantly,” points out André.


    Today HR at Sodexo is confident that they are delivering the most up-to-date messages to new hires, and all new hire welcome information is always unified and reliable.

    Focus on the top_

    Sodexo has started the project by transforming executive onboarding first as this group gets the largest amount of information when they join, and thus benefit the most from getting content delivered in a structured and timely fashion through Talmundo's software. André adds, “We are now planning on bringing the app to other levels of the organization, and the current executive onboarding program has turned our senior management into strong ambassadors of implementing the solution locally.”

    Simple flexibility_

    Onboarding with Talmundo allowed Sodexo to simplify the new hire orientation processes while still keeping them flexible. With a customizable layout, André was able to provide onboardees with a learning tool that is easy to use and resonates with each new joiner, wherever they are.

    Making meaningful connections_

    New employees find it comforting to know that as a future Sodexo employee you always have someone you can reach out to, even before you have come into the office.

    Using a digital tool allows André and his team at the Sodexo headquarters in Paris to be in touch with new hires at all of their 35 offices around the world, providing a personal connection through digital means.

    Onboarding @ Sodexo _ What is your favourite Talmundo feature_

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    Digitalization is crucial for building an attractive brand and employee experience and we aim to make a great first impression on new hires for the years to come.

    André Bardella
    Global Learning & Development Project Manager, Sodexo

    Future goals & employer brand benefits_

    There is a lot of potential for using Talmundo for supporting processes outside of the traditional onboarding journey. For example, André and his team are considering using Talmundo to onboard people in internal transformations, to transition staff into projects and use onboarding for change management.

    André is also looking at new sales employees at Sodexo as the next employee group that would most benefit from Talmundo's onboarding platform. Digitalizing the process with Talmundo would ultimately shorten their learning curve by equipping them with all the information they need to get started, as well as streamlining the administrative process of collecting information from new hires.

    Advice for building your own onboarding program_

    Onboarding @ Sodexo _ What would be your advice for someone building an onboarding program_


    Talmundo enables us to constantly learn more about what new employees need most when they start with us. The feedback and the corresponding adjustment of our onboarding processes enable us to continuously improve.

    Global Learning & Development Project Manager, Sodexo
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