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Talmundo partnered with Raconteur and The Times, bringing you the full industry report on the future of Human Resources. 


Human resources is about people, but in an age of digital technology and changing expectations, putting employees at the heart of business has never been more challenging.


The Future of HR special report, published in The Times, explores how artificial intelligence can free up time to be “human”, what HR directors should learn from customer experience, and how technology can help spot and fix problems before talented people quit.


Find inside the special HR report: 

  • Data on diversity (and lack thereof) in Silicon Valley; 
  • Trends overview: AI, people analytics and digital transformations; 
  • HR tech to the rescue: preventing turnover and improving job descriptions, one algorithm at a time;
  • Commentary on how soft skills need a reboot;

  • Features from Talmundo, Ernst & Young, UNLEASH, Gartner and more;

  • Debate for and against a four-day week;

  • And tips for keeping an eye on the human touch with the help of automated employee onboarding.  

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Download the full report for free: