[Webinar] Meet our AI chatbot Eva: Your digital onboarding assistant

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Eva can help you:

REDUCE HR WORKLOAD Answer new hire questions en-mass, freeing up invaluable time and resources.
BOOST CONSISTENCY & CONFIDENCE Deliver consistent messaging across various locations and departments, in multiple languages, while minimizing human error.
DRIVE ENGAGEMENT Be there whenever your new hire needs you, with the right information at the right time, rain or shine!

What to expect_

For many, onboarding continues to be linked to many countless hours and extensive resources responding to onboardees questions and queries and ensuring they’re given the right information at the right time.

A digital chatbot can alleviate some of that pressure and put HR in the driver’s seat of a consistent and seamless new hire information highway.


In this webinar, we'll be introducing you to our very own chatbot, Eva.

Eva knows the answers to all of your new hires’ questions, helping onboardees learn and grow into your organization without taking up valuable time and resources.

Eva is multilingual, interactive, good with numbers, and can help deliver new hires who are more engaged, hit peak productivity faster, and who stay longer.

Let's go!