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Decoding GDPR onboarding_

How to ensure your new hires' data is processed properly from the moment they sign their contract.

You will learn to:

BE GDPR FRIENDLY Onboard new employees in a GDPR-friendly way.
DRILL DOWN FOR HR Understand which elements of GDPR matter to HR the most.
PROACTIVELY PREPARE Proactively promote a privacy-centric approach to data collection and management.

What to expect_

GDPR impacts on onboarding_
With GDPR applying to (and transforming) pretty much every part of HR regulations and employee documentation, we believe that it is imperative to approach policy updates from two perspectives: assessment of data storage, and getting processes right from onboarding and beyond.

Since it is customary to start collecting information on new hires before they start working for you, it makes sense to streamline data privacy policies from onboarding onwards. Especially if you are exploring automated onboarding solutions!


GDPR impacts on HR departments_
Whilst your legal and security departments are working hard to prepare your organization for the shift, your HR team will need to take steps to meet compliance guidelines when onboarding new hires and to be ready to bring existing ones up to speed as well.

By making sure every new hire’s onboarding process is GDPR compliant already, you can pro-actively ensure new data compliance while you retroactively align existing employee data with GDPR standards.