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New rules of employee onboarding_

RE:Start you onboarding process with our legendary employee onboarding whitepaper.

You will learn to:

RE: IGNITE Reignite onboarding with business-critical new hire data.
RE: VIVE Revive best-practice HR with practical and proven new hire recipes.
RE: DEFINE Redefine onboarding excellence with real-life success stories and strategic foundation planning.

What to expect_

With this free whitepaper, we have gone above and beyond the theoretical foundations of great employee onboarding.

We take a look at the theory, tech, and ROI of strategic onboarding and put you in the best possible position to make meaningful in your organization.

Let's dive in!


At Talmundo we’ve onboarded more than 27,000 employees at over 100 organizations as of the release date of this whitepaper, so we know a good onboarding process when we see it.

That’s years of expertise in helping large enterprises give their new hires everything they need for a successful and relevant onboarding journey.

We are back with a new edition of our popular employee onboarding whitepaper, this time going above and beyond the theoretical foundations of great employee onboarding.

We’ve added practical and proven new hire welcome recipes based on what we’ve seen actually works and what doesn’t for our top clients.