Employee onboarding and offboarding automation guide_

Design an automation strategy that saves valuable resources, delivers flawless onboarding & offboarding admin, and brings it all together in an inspiring employee experience.

What to expect from this guide:

AUTOMATE ONBOARDING ADMIN Make admin a breeze with tips and tricks for automating this often tedious process
AUTOMATE TO IMPROVE NEW HIRE EXPERIENCE Learn how automating the dull stuff can help you deliver more human new hire experiences
AUTOMATE OFFBOARDING Come full circle with an automated leaving process that puts people first

More info_

With companies the world over hiring like never before and staff availability being short, the time savings from good automation can take the pressure off and free up time for high-value activities.

But companies (and new hires!) stand to gain so much more from smart, automated HR processes than just time-saving. Onboarding becomes a truly impactful HR process when all aspects come together in an inspiring, engaging experience. While in-person, one-on-one interactions will always remain key, there are also many ways you can automate employee experiences.


So let’s get into it!