Employee lifecycle checklist

Actions for HR at each of the 6 stages of the employee lifecycle.

What to expect from the checklist:

6 STAGES DEFINED Define each of the 6 stages of the employee lifecycle: Attraction, Recruitment, Onboarding, Talent Management, Retention and Offboarding.
BEST PRACTICE ADVICE Proven advice from HR tech innovators to support a strategy that balances people AND profit.
FULL LIFECYCLE SUPPORT Discover digital solutions at each stage that help make HR simple and effective.

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In this extensive checklist, we walk you through actions at each of the 6 stages of the Employee Lifecycle:

Attraction | Let them come to you

The name-of-the-game is to have your dream candidates find you (whether you have an open vacancy or not) because they’ve heard of you’re amazing working environment and the opportunities your organization offers.

Recruitment | It’s all about the experience

Good recruitment is about turning the whole process of screening, shortlisting, interviewing, and selecting suitable candidates into a positive experience that reflects the nature of your organization.

Onboarding | Making the first impression

A great onboarding involves sharing knowledge, communicating values, building connections, and managing compliance to transform new hires into confident, empowered team members and ambassadors.


Talent Management | Looking to the future

Talent management is the ongoing process of developing your employees, ensuring they reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to your organization.

Retention | Keeping your best people

Retention is concerned with retaining your hard-won hires long-term. Both the Onboarding and Talent Management stages also support a good employee retention strategy, but here is where you can create some very specific policy & procedure around retention.

Offboarding | The final farewell

A good offboarding process should smoothly transition the employee out of the business and facilitate the transfer of knowledge to other employees - ticking compliance & privacy boxes along the way.