[Checklist] Employee offboarding checklist

Everything HR needs to help employees successfully exit an organization!

What to expect from the checklist:

OFFBOARDING ABC's Actions for each of the 5 touchpoints that make up an effective offboarding program.
ESSENTIAL AGENDA Best-practice offboarding activities that every HR professional needs to manage.
EXTRA CREDIT Forward-thinking options that will take your offboarding above and beyond.

Best-practice advice based on the offboarding ABCs_

The offboarding ABCs refers to the 5 touchpoints that outline the most important components of an effective offboarding program - Assessment, Brand, Compliance, Dignity, and Expertise.

Has the departing employee given feedback on their time with the organization?

Has the departing employee been empowered to be a positive future brand ambassador?


Is the departing employee legally prepared to leave the organization?

Has the organization supported the departing employee to leave with dignity and respect

Has the departing employee’s specialist knowledge been shared and/or documented?