[Guide] Speed & scale: Mass onboarding essential staff during COVID-19_

Our easy-to-implement, 2-part onboarding strategy.

You will learn to onboard at speed and scale with:

Trust Learn to trust your managers and new staff to make decisions.
Transparency Establish and maintain open lines of communication with your managers and new staff.
Training Simplify your training into essential learnings, and create ‘experts’ in peripheral subjects.

What to expect_

The need for essential workers is exploding in the wake of COVID-19.

In fact, there are a considerable number of organizations employing more new staff than ever before to keep pace with an increasing demand for essential services & online purchasing.

Bringing on high levels of staff in a short time frame (or mass onboarding) calls for a streamlined onboarding process with an emphasis on activities that help your new recruits become productive as quickly as possible, whilst keeping experience top-of-mind.


To help, we’ve put together a 2-part, mass onboarding strategy that is easy to implement, low cost and doesn’t require dedicated onboarding software.

Whether your new hires are temporary, permanent or something in-between, this guide will help transform them into productive, organizational ambassadors, at speed and scale.