Employee onboarding checklist for managers

Actions for managers at every stage of the new hire lifecycle - for more successful onboarding!

What the checklist can help managers achieve:

ALIGN EXPECTATIONS Use the checklist to align the expectations of all onboarding stakeholders, from HR to managers, and new recruits.
FACILITATE GROWTH Help new hires become more productive within your organization with timely check-ins and supportive activities.
STREAMLINE ONBOARDING Save time and valuable resources with a streamlined approach that works across your entire organization.

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Managers have a very important part to play in an effective employee onboarding process.

But without the appropriate support from HR, they're unlikely to be able to provide the connected, personal experience that recruits need to hit the ground running and achieve long-term success.


This checklist offers actionable items for managers at each stage of the onboarding journey - gently guiding them as they work to support their newest hire:

Actions that support new hires BEFORE they land on day 1.

Actions that give new hires the confidence to succeed in their first days and weeks on the job.

Actions that set a new hire up for long-term success, ensuring they connect with their colleagues and the wider business in meaningful ways.