New employee onboarding checklist

A comprehensive onboarding checklist with everything HR needs to set new employees up for success.

This ULTIMATE new hire onboarding checklist covers:

Preboarding Actions to engage your new hires from the moment they accept a job offer, through until their first day on the job.
Induction & Orientation Actions to support your new employees during their first days and weeks with your organization.
Integration Actions to inspire your new colleagues as they settle into their role - whether that’s 3 weeks, 3 months or even a year.

What to expect_

Starting a new job can be stressful. 

There's the change of environment, new people, different processes, unspoken rules, and lots to learn.

It can be overwhelming to say the least!

So how can HR professionals make the process an enjoyable one for new hires?


We've got what you need!

Our easy-to-use checklist outlines actions at every stage of the onboarding lifecycle, from the moment they accept the job offer, through until full organizational integration.

Be sure you to cross every 't' and dot every 'i', and be confident that your new employees’ worries have been fully addressed without them even having to ask.