[Template] New hire orientation: A simple planner for a remote first-week_

An easy-to-use, drag-and-drop template to start planning a first week for your remote new hires

What to expect from the planner:

UNDERSTAND Understand how to create a great first two days with our pre-filled examples.
DISCOVER Discover our library of effective activities that are proven to boost new hire engagement.
BUILD Drag and drop to build a first-week that is customized to your unique needs and ensures your new hires are fully prepared for a remote start.

Want more? Check out our remote onboarding guide_

As remote work becomes more prevalent, it is important to adjust our onboarding process to ensure that employees who work remotely, either some or all of the time, have an equally positive experience.

Let's take a look at a series of activities across the onboarding landscape that can be used to engage with remote hires and offer them a 10/10 new hire journey.



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