[Guide] Onboarding for LGBTQIA+ employees_

The right new hire processes can heavily influence the lgbtqia+ onboarding experience.

The guide will help you create more inclusive practices:

PROACTIVE PROCESSES Learn why proactive processes are still important in 2021 with a look at some hard-hitting statistics.
REAL-WORLD SOLUTIONS Unpack real-world solutions you can implement today to improve your onboarding experience for LGBTQIA+ hires.
TIPS, TRICKS AND TOOLS Utilize helpful tips & tricks, and take a look at some handy (free) tools that will support your new inclusive practices.
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Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, our trans and queer ancestors fought tooth and nail, quite literally, to have their humanity recognized.
Tre'vell Anderson
Tre'vell Anderson
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It may feel as though LGBTQIA+ people have achieved a measure of equality, but the unfortunate truth is that, whilst much has been overcome, many of the hard-won freedoms are enjoyed exclusively by a privileged few.

Workplaces the world over are still entrenched in bias and many queer employees find it difficult to be their authentic selves in a professional setting.

In this guide, we hope to inspire change with a look at how organizations can improve the new hire experience for LGBTQIA+ employees.


The guide will:

Look at why it is still so important in 2021 to create safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ employees during onboarding.

Work through some real-world examples of onboarding for diversity done right, and zoom on what practices to avoid.

Explore tips, tricks, and free tools that can help you on your way toward a more inclusive, open onboarding environment for LGBTQIA+ new hires.

Let's dive in!