Remote onboarding checklist for HR professionals

Everything you need to know to bring your new colleagues on board remotely.

Our easy-to-use checklist outlines actions at every stage of the onboarding lifecycle:

Preboarding Connect with your new hires from the moment they accept a job offer, through until their first day on the job.
Induction & Orientation Inspire your new hire with compelling content, engaging stories, and seamless processes.
Integration Plan for the long-term and ensure your new hires are transformed into true company ambassadors.

What to expect_

Onboarding doesn’t just happen. The best onboarding programs connect with their new employees on a range of levels with different content that will inspire and educate them.

Providing the right content at the right time during onboarding will encourage new hires’ performance and support cultural integration. 

But how can HR manage all of this if a new hire isn't physically in the office?


We've got you covered!

Our easy-to-use checklist outlines actions at every stage of the remote onboarding lifecycle, from preboarding, through orientation all the way until your new employee is fully integrated into your organization.

You can use it to plan a seamless journey for your newest hire, instilling a sense of confidence and clarity regardless of their working location.