Remote onboarding survey template

Find out what your new hires REALLY think about their remote onboarding experience!

What to expect from the template:

INTERACTIVE AND EASY Drop-down and multi-choice answers for a fast, interactive experience.
FEEDBACK FOCUSED Get the full picture with optional open-ended feedback questions.
DOWNLOAD AND GO Pre-styled in a ready-to-send word document for your convenience!

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Starting a new job on your lonesome can run the full gambit of emotions - some people feel isolated and disconnected, others love the freedom and peace of working on their own.

What HR needs to know though, is HOW different hires experienced remote onboarding, and WHAT can be improved in the future.


With this easy-to-use survey template, HR can ask practical questions to recent remote onboardees and receive actionable feedback for future process improvements.

We suggest using the survey anonymously for best results - this gives your new hire the freedom to be totally honest about their experience without fear of repercussions.

We hope it helps!