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Expectations vs. reality of onboarding: Vlerick + Talmundo research study_

Find out exactly what your new hires need during onboarding_

For this research we've teamed up with Professor Dirk Buyens and Astrid Vandenbroucke of the Vlerick Business School to dive into the realities and expectations of onboardees, so that you can build an onboarding program your new hires actually want. 


From this free report, you will learn

  • What your new hires actually need (as opposed to what HR thinks they want);
  • Which generational differences between new hires should never be ignored during onboarding;
  • The most common mistakes made by HR professionals when building an onboarding program;
  • How to fix them and create a holistic approach to onboarding that would benefit both your new hires and your employer brand. 

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