[Q&A Webinar] Reboarding: A conversation with the players_

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What to expect from the webinar:

MEET Meet the employees you are most likely to encounter during reboarding, Q&A style.
EXPLORE Explore their needs and wants, and learn which communication techniques work for each profile.
TAKE ACTION Take action with our insights, tips, tricks, and more!

What to expect_

Every team member has a unique lockdown experience. Woo for some. Woe for others. And those experiences will impact your reboarding process.

So get ahead of the curve with our interactive Q&A webinar. Unpack your teams experiences, uncover their expectations, and learn how to win them over post-COVID.


We'll introduce you to each of the personas you're likely to encounter during post-COVID reboarding/reintegration - Q&A style!

Then we'll look at the needs & wants of the different personalities and explore what type of communication techniques work for each one.

Finally, we'll help you with some tips, tricks, and actions you can try today that will help you prepare your teams for a post-lockdown return to work.

Let's go!