[Webinar] The 6 stages of the employee lifecycle

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What to expect from the webinar:

THE 6 STAGES What are the 6 stages and why are they business-critical for your organization's future.
EXPERT PANEL Hear from experts across several of the 6 stages and learn from their insights.
BUILD FOR THE FUTURE Start building a full talent journey spanning the entire lifecycle with practical advice at each stage.

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The employee lifecycle is no simple thing.

There are multiple stages, each with its own set of pitfalls, and the key to success is a fully-formed strategy that spans the entire pipeline.


  • Building a positive company culture.

  • Establishing who (and where) your ideal candidates are.

  • Broadcasting your message to those candidates.


  • The work done prior to posting an advertisement for a vacant position.

  • The process of interviewing & shortlisting candidates.

  • The final hurdle of choosing the right candidate for the role.


  • The period of time between a new hire accepting their offer, and landing on day 1.

  • Welcoming a new hire into your organization.

  • Ensuring your new hire becomes an integrated part of your organization.


Talent Management

  • Encouraging professional development amongst your teams.

  • Leveraging the voice of the employee to

    improve skills development.

  • Maintaining accurate, secure, and helpful records and databases.


  • Defining what motivates employees to stay long-term. Their future with you.

  • Making employees a part of company communication, not just an end recipient.

  • Supporting continuous feedback and elevation.


  • What needs to be done immediately to support your leaver in this process.

  • What needs to be done soon to prepare your leaver and the organization for departure.

  • What needs to be done long term to support your recruitment and encourage boomerang employees.