[Webinar] Employee Onboarding after COVID | Part 3: Integration

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What to expect from the webinar:

GET INSPIRED See how leading organizations facilitated exceptional employee integration before the pandemic.
BE INFORMED Unpack the impacts of COVID on the employee integration process.
START PREPARING Get your strategy in shape to support the changes and ensure your employees integrate faster and more effectively than ever before.

Integration is the hardest part of onboarding - it's also the most neglected piece of the puzzle with many organizations finishing up their program after the first month.

But did you know the most EFFECTIVE onboarding programs last 90 days or more?

With COVID changing the game, what kind of shifts do we expect to see in the coming months? And how can HR professionals combine existing structure with new tools to bridge the gap?

Join our October webinar as we walk you through the changes, and offer insights into the future of onboarding.


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