[Webinar] Making the business case for digital onboarding

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What to expect from the webinar:

RETURN ON INVESTMENT Discover different ways to demonstrate the ROI of digital, remote-friendly onboarding.
LOW RISK, HIGH REWARD Position onboarding technology as a low risk, high benefit investment into your organization's future.
PROJECT ACCELERATION Create momentum for your onboarding project through compelling data that inspires buy-in from top-down.

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If you're building a brand new onboarding journey, or even giving your existing program a facelift, it’s crucial to communicate a strong business case to secure approval (and budget).

These decisions are usually in the hands of upper management, and it falls to HR to create a compelling and cost-effective proposal that ticks all the right boxes.


In this webinar we will:

  • Take you through the process of calculating the return-on-investment of good onboarding with our custom calculator, experimenting with different onboarding milestones, and seeing the direct financial correlation.

  • Work through a series of commonly assumed onboarding 'risks', focussing on the root cause of the risk and what HR can do to circumvent it.

  • Zoom in on some helpful onboarding statistics and data that will give your business case an extra edge.

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