[Webinar] Managers and their role in onboarding

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Explore potential Discover the value that well-equipped managers can bring to the new hire process.
Educate & empower Learn how to empower your managers to help facilitate an effective onboarding experience.
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Managers have a crucial role to play as part of an effective employee onboarding process, but without the right support from HR, they are likely to fall short of providing the engaging, informative experience new hires need to succeed.

While a manager’s core task will often be seen as a team lead of existing staff or a technical leader, they are also critical stakeholders in any onboarding process.


The problem is that busy managers don’t often have the time to properly invest in onboarding, so the bulk of the labor falls on an overworked HR department.

So how can HR empower managers to be more involved in the onboarding process? And what is the value in doing so?

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