Retire. Restructure. Resign: Navigating different types of offboarding_

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What to expect from the webinar:

THE 6 TYPES OF OFFBOARDING We take a first-hand look at the 6 different types of offboarding.
FUTURE-PROOF STRATEGY Understand how each exit management scenario is different and how to tailor your processes.
EXPERT Q&A Have all your exit management questions answered by our in-house offboarding expert, Ellen Joris.
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Offboarding can be a tricky business.

On one hand, you may have employees leaving on a wave of positive momentum, moving on to greener pastures and new opportunities.

On the other, hand, your leaver may be under a cloud of negative energy, having been let go or restructured out of the business.

Each offboarding scenario requires a slightly different approach - you wouldn't host a leaving party for an employee being let go for gross misconduct right?


In this webinar, we'll look at the 5 most common offboarding scenarios and walk you through best-practice process for each unique situation.

Employees who are retiring from the workforce permanently. 

Employees whose roles have been made redundant due to a restructure within the organization.

Employees who are leaving the organization of their own volition.

Employees who are being let go due to poor performance or because the organization does not wish to renew their contract.

Employees on project-based contacts who are leaving your organization at the end of their assignment.

Employees who have been dismissed due to misconduct.

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