The ULTIMATE onboarding buddy checklist_

Transform your onboarding for good with the power of buddies.

Use this comprehensive checklist to:

establish your goals Identifying measurable goals and expectations will help you steer your buddy program and keep your stakeholders on the same page.
support new hires & mentors Stay flexible and adapt your buddy requirements according to your organization's size, your new hire's role, and the goals of your program.
automate & improve your buddy system Automate feedback and improve the future success of your buddy program.
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What to expect_

Before getting started with your buddy program you'll want to lay out some clear goals and expectations. Would your organization benefit from focusing on boosting productivity, or is it more important to increase employee engagement and ambassadorship?


Once your goals and expectations are clear, you'll need to pick the 'perfect' pal for your new hire. Keep in mind the 'perfect' mentor might not meet every expectation you might have.


You've picked your buddy and now it's time to put your plans into practice! Make sure your buddy has everything they need to get started and set your new hire up for success. Master this step and you'll have a seamless onboarding buddy system up and running.


Checking in with your buddies and new hires is the best way to measure how your buddy system is running and to identify where there is room for improvement.


This doesn't have to be a complex process. Simplify this step by automating feedback rounds using Talmundo's onboarding software.