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    In 2019, Talmundo joined forces with other HR tech companies under the Talentech umbrella. With 20 years of HR technology experience and more than half a million platform users, Talentech combines innovative features of best-in-class solutions with the scalability and security of an enterprise HR platform. From attraction, recruitment and onboarding to talent management, retention and offboarding, the team at Talentech has the right solution in-house to redefine the talent journey at your organization.

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    Spanning the entire employee lifecycle, Talentech offers intuitive solutions that help HR teams take data-driven decisions in providing exceptional employee experiences.


    Attract candidates through referrals with irecommend_

    Employee referrals are often the shortest and fastest way to bring in better, more qualified candidates to your recruitment process. With irecommend easy-to-use mobile app, you can provide your entire staff with a modern system to share vacancies and recommend candidates from their networks.

    Through gamification and automation, you can create a referral culture that is rewarding and fun to participate in for every employee.




    Improve engagement with Weekli_

    Built on the world's leading scientific study for the psychosocial and physical work environment, Weekli's smart pulse checks give businesses and their managers real-time insights into the wellbeing of their employees. Every week, employees are prompted to anonymously answer 10 questions about their work environment, and Weekli presents HR with actionable, aggregated data about the state of employee engagement, both for the current moment as well as trends.

    To help organization comply with EU whistleblower protection law, Weekli's Speak Up functionality allows all employees to submit anonymous misconduct reports.


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