The Ultimate Employee Onboarding Process

    Best practice onboarding process in action

    Talmundo's employee onboarding solution helps you easily build an inspiring onboarding process that spans the entire new hire lifecycle. Our onboarding software blends HR best practices with your company's culture to deliver a great new hire experience that will positively impact your business by getting your hires up and running and integrated faster. Keep scrolling to discover the ultimate employee onboarding process and how Talmundo can help you create a digital, scalable new hire onboarding journey!
    Onboarding Timeline _ Start Onboarding

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    The recruitment marathon is behind you - you’ve found the perfect candidate and can’t wait to take on new challenges together.

    Because you use Talmundo, your onboardee is automatically added to our system from your recruitment software - it's time to start onboarding!



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    Onboarding Timeline - 60 Days

    You've got mail_

    [60 days to start]

    As soon as your new hire activates their onboarding journey, they will be prompted to explore the app and receive notifications for any tasks you have set for them.

    Managers and other onboarding stakeholders will also receive automated notifications (based on their new hires department, location and job title) to ensure they are on top of their new hire to-do lists!



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    Onboarding Timeline - 45 Days

    Getting connected_

    [45 days to start]

    Provide visibility and manage expectations for your new hire with the onboarding roadmap and the key contacts module.

    To ensure your new hire has a friend on day 1, the app will automate notifications for buddies that prompt them to reach out and say 'hey'!



    Onboarding Timeline - 40 Days

    Task management super powers_

    Our integrated Tasks module allows you to automate tasks for ALL onboarding stakeholders. 

    Onboardees receive these in the app as prompt notifications which help them stay on track to hit their early milestones.

    Managers, buddies, and other onboarding stakeholders will receive an email notification to let them know they have a new task waiting for them!



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    Talmundo highlights just how much onboarding impacts the employee experience overall. Its solution isn’t just another shiny new tool. It brings real value to employees in a clean and clear way.
    Wouter SMIT
    Wouter SMIT
    HR Competence Manager & Product Owner, ABN AMRO
    Onboarding Timeline - 35 Days

    Logistic perfection_

    Make admin easy for new hires and HR with fully integrated documents, customizable forms and other paperwork, all in one place.

    Sync your forms with our integrated Tasks functionality and ensure seamless delivery of information to onboarding stakeholders throughout your entire organization.



    Onboarding Timeline - 20 Days

    Video makes things better_

    [30 days to start]

    Create connections early on by encouraging your recruits to virtually introduce themselves to their new colleagues with our video modules.

    While your new hire is getting creative filming, our system ensures all the puzzle pieces fall into place in a timely, automated process.


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    Onboarding Timeline - 10 Days

    Continuous feedback_

    [10 days to start]

    Introduce new hires to key organizational leaders like your CEO or Head of HR with easy-to-navigate media galleries.

    And gather continuous feedback on new hires’ recruitment & onboarding experience with real-time ‘pulse checks’.



    Onboarding Timeline - 5 Days

    Ready for an inspired start_

    [5 days to start]

    D-day is getting close! Now is the time to inspire your recruit by showcasing your company's values & vision in interactive ways that help transform new hires into organizational insiders.

    In the background, your stakeholders are being delivered important information to prepare your new hire for a sensational start.

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    Onboarding Timeline - 2 Days

    Final prep_

    [2 days to start]

    Your newest hire is almost here! Make sure they feel cool, calm, and collected in their new workspace with an integrated 360 office tour and google maps integration that will help them find their way.

    On the admin end, it's time to tick off a few last-minute tasks - our reminders make it easy!

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    Talmundo's solution is a great, simple and engaging way to bring the information your new hires need exactly when they need it.
    Adventure Coach, HR Talent
    Onboarding Timeline + 1 Day

    First day magic_

    [1 day on the job]

    The first day is all about a great impression AND helping your onboardee feel comfortable and confident.

    Does your new hire have first-day jitters? Our onboarding chatbot can answer their questions 24/7 - keeping them ahead of the curve and saving time for HR and other onboarding stakeholders!

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    Onboarding Timeline + 7 Days

    Week 1 over and done_

    [7 days on the job]

    Keep the good vibes rolling and get your new hires excited about all the great things your company has on offer with an attractive benefits page. 

    For stakeholders, it's time to check in and start crossing the t's and dotting the i's.

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    Onboarding Timeline + 14 Days

    Training for the long game_

    [14 days on the job]

    Ensure on-the-job training is relevant and timely with email and in-app notification prompts.

    Gamify your learning with fun quizzes to test their knowledge of your products, clients and more.

    When your onboardee has finished their quiz, our system will let you know, so you can check in with them and make sure everything's going swimmingly!



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    Onboarding is not something that's just nice to have, it's about setting people up for success.
    Global Director of Learning & Development, BACARDI
    Onboarding Timeline + 30 Days

    The future is bright_

    [30 days on the job]

    It might seem soon, but the onboarding period is a GREAT time to start talking about what career progression looks like in your organization.

    Utilize video or text-based testimonials to get your new hire excited. And don't forget events! An inspiring talk from someone who's moved up the ranks in your organization is bound to get the blood pumping.



    Onboarding Timeline + 60 Days

    Bridging the skill gap_

    [60 days on the job]

    Ready to start introducing more complex training for your onboardees? Use our in-depth page builder to create training programs in-app or link out to your own LMS systems.

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    Onboarding Timeline + 90 Days

    Elevate for tomorrow_

    [90 days on the job]

    Use our survey widgets to ask new hires how their onboarding is going, and what you could do better.

    Asking through the app makes honest feedback more likely, which can help you refine your process for new hires in the future. And it proves you care, and that you’re humble enough to ask for (and act on) feedback.

    It shows new hires you’re a company that values their input.

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    Congratulations! You're onboard_

    Onboarding Timeline _ Future Proof

    But wait, there's more_

    [Making it future-proof]

    Learn from each onboarding journey with our reporting dashboards that help you to continuously develop your new hire processes!

    Now that's an employee onboarding experience you can be proud of_


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