Really good onboarding software_

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    Really good onboarding software_


    Experience really good onboarding with Talmundo_

    Introducing Talmundo's digital onboarding solution for a streamlined new hire experience. Our user-friendly software offers customizable onboarding paths, automated tasks, engaging content, electronic forms, real-time progress tracking and much more.

    Reap the benefits of a seamless onboarding process and improve new hire retention and productivity.



    Save time with automation

    Significantly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks for each new hire with Talmundo's smart automation features.


    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Eliminate repetitive manual work

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Connect your existing HR systems

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Securely gather employee data


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    Eliminate repetitive manual work



    A strong administrative base is the backbone of the onboarding experience.

    With the Talmundo task manager, repetitive tasks can be set up as automatic, interactive workflows that will reduce mistakes, save time and promote productivity, organization and motivation.

    Tasks can be assigned to new hires, managers, HR team members or any other onboarding stakeholder in your journey.

    Streamline your time with Tasks by Talmundo.


    Connect your existing HR systems



    Efficient system integration is key to streamlining the onboarding process.


    With Talmundo's out-of-the-box connectivity, you can easily link multiple systems to centralize data management.


    Whether it's personal information, department/location data or key contacts, Talmundo allows you to seamlessly transfer onboardee data from your ATS system. Once the connection is established, Talmundo takes over to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

    Get connected with Talmundo.




    Securely gather employee data




    Secure data collection is made easy with Talmundo.


    Our integrated form builder enables you to create intuitive and customizable forms for various purposes, all within our app. Collect employee data securely and with ease, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards.


    With our user-friendly forms, you can streamline the onboarding process and enhance the employee experience, promoting productivity and motivation.

    Make data collection a breeze with Talmundo.



    Side-step common onboarding pitfalls with smart automation:


    of new hires receive no preboarding support


    of new hires are left alone on their first day at work


    of new hires lack role clarity during onboarding


    Engage with your people

    Unlock the full potential of your employees and ensure over 75% engagement* during onboarding using our software's interactive engagement features:


    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Share interactive content

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Personalize the experience

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Collect ongoing feedback


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    *Customers using Talmundo report App activation rates of more than 75% in most cases.






    Share interactive content




    Sharing interactive onboarding content is a great way to engage and inform new hires.

    With Talmundo's custom learning pages, you can easily create and customize onboarding materials for every occasion, from pre-start training to team orientation and more. Choose from our pre-styled templates or create your own to match your brand and culture.

    Our in-depth page builder allows you to create long-form learning materials directly in the Talmundo app, while our platform-hosted imagery and embedded video options make your content stand out.

    Master creative content with Talmundo.

    Personalize the experience




    Personalized onboarding is your golden ticket to and engaging new hire experience.


    With Talmundo's powerful segmentation system, HR can create comprehensive onboarding journeys in one centralized portal, and deliver those journeys to specific employee groups based on job title, department, global location, and other relevant filters.


    The system allows for the assignment of multiple filters per employee, enabling the creation of unique journeys that pull from various content libraries. By using employee filters, onboardees can access only the content that is relevant to their role.


    Scalable personalization at your fingertips with Talmundo.

    Collect ongoing feedback




    At Talmundo, we understand the importance of ongoing feedback and have designed our employee onboarding software to include various tools and features for collecting feedback.


    With our interactive pulse checks and surveys, HR can identify potential issues early on and make necessary adjustments to ensure new hires receive the support they need at the right time.


    Our feedback-gathering mechanisms include:

    • Short-form pulse checks that allow users to rate their experiences using a star or emoji system.
    • Long-form questionnaires for capturing more in-depth feedback at milestone moments.
    • On-the-spot feedback checks through our AI chatbot that trigger after a new hire interaction.

    Be feedback focused with Talmundo.



    Improve for future success

    Gain valuable insights into your organization's performance and optimize the new hire experience for future success with Talmundo's intuitive reporting features:


    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Centralize your onboarding data

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Compare performance across groups


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    Centralize your onboarding data




    Insightful data is a must-have when you’re building a future-proof onboarding journey.

    Talmundo's integrated reporting dashboards offer a user-friendly way to keep track of your onboarding data in one central location. With these tools, you can visualize activation, progress, and completion rates on a local and global scale and create custom reports tailored to your specific needs.

    Stay on top of your data with Talmundo.


    Compare performance across groups




    Gathering good data is valuable, but the real power lies in applying these findings to enhance your onboarding process.


    Talmundo enables you to compare and evaluate performance across various departments and locations, allowing you to identify achievements and areas for improvement. Our comprehensive cross-organizational reporting is a vital tool for any HR team striving to continually enhance their onboarding practices.

    Elevate your onboarding experience with Talmundo.



    Data can tell you so much if it's relevant data. With Talmundo, it’s really valuable to have all this relevant information available in one place where we can leverage it and put actions in place for future improvements.


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    Head of HR Programme Management, Kuehne+Nagel
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