Integrated talent acquisition_

    Our talent acquisition software seamlessly integrates high-performance recruitment, referrals, and analytics with unforgettable onboarding.
    Integrated talent acquisition_

    Recharge new hire experience with integrated talent acquisition_

      Unite teams, enhance sourcing, streamline hiring, and ensure efficient evaluations.
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      Leverage your team's networks, simplify referrals, and spotlight top candidates.
      Gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions and maximize recruitment budget.

    Integrate your talent acquisition and onboarding in one powerful recruitment system to create a consistent end-to-end new hire journey while strengthening your employer brand. 


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    Upgrade your recruitment process

    Our talent acquisition software unites hiring teams, streamlines the hiring process, ensures efficient candidate evaluations and integrates seamlessly with your onboarding.


    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Save time with structured recruitment workflows

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Craft engaging candidate experiences

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Integrate seamlessly with onboarding


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    How it works_

    Unify hiring teams and foster collaboration and synergy

    Our recruitment software consolidates your recruitment efforts in one system while connecting you seamlessly to leading job boards and social media platforms.

    Engage candidates with efficiency and precision

    By streamlining the hiring process, you minimize errors and deliver an engaging candidate experience that’s consistent with your employer brand.


    Key Benefits

    Optimize your recruitment processes


    Robust tools that streamline your recruitment operations:


    Pre-designed recruitment templates Automated evaluations & requisitions Tailored candidate notifications

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    Boost talent attraction


    Versatile suite of features to enhance your talent acquisition efforts:


    Custom-branded career sites Integrated recruitment media library Job boards & in-app social media ads


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    Improve candidate experience


    Meaningful ways to enhance the candidate experience:


    Customize application forms Easily editable branded templates Integrated chatbot assistant


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    Leverage referrals for quality candidates

    Unlock the potential of your team's networks through an automated referral process. By simplifying candidate sourcing, your team can focus on highly recommended and genuinely interested talent and speed up the hiring process.


    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Simplify the referral process for employees

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Easily source hard-to-find candidates

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Shorten time-to-hire while enhancing the quality

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    How it works_

      Connect with top-quality talent through efficient referrals

    With our referral recruitment tool, your internal network becomes a powerful source of top-tier talent. Gamification adds an element of excitement, encouraging more referrals.

    Recommend candidates with a natural culture fit

    Grab the attention of hard-to-find candidates who perfectly align with your company culture. Our in-app tracking system ensures you stay in control throughout the referral process. 


    Key Benefits

    Simplify referral flow


    Easily build and launch your referral program with:


    Email and push updates Plug-and-play launch process Automated ATS transfer

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    Increase referral engagement


    Enhance engagement during the referral process with:


    In-app LinkedIn referrals  Slack integration Gamification for increased engagement


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    Speed up hiring


    Improve hiring efficiency with:


    Targeted audience reach Automated stakeholder notifications Flexible vacancy scheduling

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    Drive hiring performance with actionable data

    Our software offers tailored analytics reports that provide a birds-eye view of your recruitment efforts, providing you with essential insights needed to optimize your recruitment funnel and budget .


    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Target the right candidates and channels effectively

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Optimize your recruitment budget allocation

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Report on impact of your recruitment efforts with ease


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    How it works_

      Simplify your data-driven decision-making

    Automatically receive custom reporting on your hiring performance. With our powerful recruitment analytics software, you'll be able to increase hiring efficiency and decrease recruitment costs.

    Amplify the impact of your recruitment efforts

    Oversee the performance of all your recruitment sources and employer branding initiatives. Understand, take action and report on the impact of your recruitment efforts in a breeze.

    Key Benefits

    Maximize recruitment efforts


    Make data-driven decisions on your recruitment budget with:


    Key metrics overview dashboards Traffic & channel analytics Custom reporting 

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    Improve employer brand


    Enhance your employer branding efforts with:


    Candidate journey insights Career site and landing page analytics In-depth content insights

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    A good candidate experience is more than the sum of their interactions in the recruitment. It is shaped by efficient processes, meaningful engagements and enabled through frictionless technology across the talent acquisition process.

    Marna van der Merwe

    HR Subject Matter Expert, Academy to Innovate HR
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