Product features_

Industry-leading features for a powerful onboarding experience that delivers measurable results.
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Experience and content_

Transform onboardees into engaged, productive team members

  • Customizable content pages_
    Use the intuitive learning page builder to create custom content for your new hires.
  • Timed content delivery_
    Schedule content delivery relative to an onboardee’s start date.
  • Short-form pulse checks_
    Gather real-time onboardee feedback with simple, interactive mini-surveys.
  • Multi-tab page builder_
    Leverage in-depth pages to host long-form training materials and guides.
  • Integrated buddy system_
    Easily connect buddies with new hires and facilitate ongoing connection with automated prompts.

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  • Company fact carousel_
    Share need-to-know information in bite-sized chunks with the interactive facts carousel.
  • Onboardee introductions_
    Let onboardees easily introduce themselves to their new colleagues with video, imagery, and personal bios.
  • Quiz and questionnaire builder_
    Test your new hires and get them up to speed with company ‘need-to-knows’.
  • Key contact framework_
    Seamlessly link managers and other key contacts with onboardees.
  • Auto-prompt task notifications_
    Ensure onboardees manage their time effectively with time-triggered to-do lists and email prompts.
  • Centralized information hubs_
    Host all need-to-know information for new hires in one central location.

Process and automation_

Streamline the onboarding process and save time for HR

  • Onboardee segmentation_
    Deliver targeted onboarding experiences based on job title, department, global location, and more.
  • Custom reporting and insights_
    Easily access data and analytics to make informed decisions with detailed in-app reporting dashboards.
  • Digital chatbot_
    Be there for your new hire whenever and wherever they need you with our advanced onboarding chatbot.
  • Customized to your brand_
    Make your app look and feel like your organization with full color and logo customization.
  • Responsive task management_
    Create, assign, and manage tasks for all onboarding stakeholders.
  • Flexible form templates_
    Build intuitive forms for every occasion, and host them in-app.

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  • Pre-scheduled email prompts_
    Ensure busy managers support new hires effectively with pre-scheduled email prompts.
  • Reboarding-enabled_
    Access our pre-populated reboarding templates to effectively bring staff back-on-board after an absence.
  • Remote-friendly_
    Future-proof your onboarding journey with fully-remote capabilities.
  • Tailored terminology_
    Bring your organizations unique terminology to the app so your users feel at home.
  • Multi-language content_
    Manage master content in multiple languages from one central hub.
  • Bulk data uploads_
    Add new onboardees, images, admin users, and more en-masse with ease.
  • Internal benchmarking_
    Compare performance across departments and locations with cross-organizational reporting.
  • Unlimited email templates_
    Create engaging email templates for every step in the new hire lifecycle.

Technology and data_

Trust in our GDPR compliant, future-friendly technology

  • GDPR compliant_
    Ensure onboardee and stakeholder data is managed with full GDPR compliance.
  • Custom API integrations_
    Integrate with your existing HR systems, for a seamless, no-hassle transition.
  • Advanced permission settings_
    Create tiered user structures with permissions relevant to each user’s needs.
  • Built on Microsoft Azure_
    Have confidence in a platform infrastructure that is fast, reliable, and future-proof.

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  • Tailored data views_
    Align data access and anonymization with company guidelines and local legislation.
  • Webhooks_
    Share data from selected in-app features with your core HR systems.
  • Email and interface logging_
    Examine platform operations and drill-down for in-depth detail.
  • Multi-device support_
    Easily access your app across all major devices and operating systems.
  • WCAG compliant_
    Compliant with standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Services and support_

Leverage years of experience from our team of onboarding professionals

  • Onboarding academy_
    Leverage our collection of best-practice onboarding articles and training materials.
  • Dedicated success manager_
    Benefit from the support of a dedicated onboarding professional to help and advise.
  • Agile implementation_
    Have confidence in a streamlined process tailored to suit your needs.
  • In-depth team training_
    We ensure that your entire team are up to speed and ready to onboard with virtual training options.

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  • Multi-language support_
    Access platform support and implementation in a range of languages.
  • In-app technical support_
    Visit the support desk and knowledge bank directly from the admin interface for seamless problem-solving.
  • Regular consultations_
    Continuously improve your onboarding with periodic consultations.
  • 'Sharing Stories' program_
    Celebrate your onboarding wins with story-based promotion through our extensive network.
  • Voice of the Customer_
    Share your organization’s needs, and request new platform features through our VOC program.
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