Really good offboarding software_

    Ensure business continuity, streamline processes, create brand ambassadors, and manage offboarding compliance with powerful digital offboarding software.
    Really good offboarding software_
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    Experience really good offboarding with Talmundo_

    Our intuitive software not only enables HR to create tailored offboarding journeys, automate essential tasks, deliver engaging content, facilitate knowledge transfer, and gather real-time feedback but also ensures strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

    By integrating compliance measures into the offboarding process, Talmundo guarantees that your organization adheres to relevant laws and guidelines, providing a smooth and secure transition for departing team members.

    Discover the benefits of a streamlined and compliant offboarding process, enhancing brand perception and elevating the overall employee experience.


    Digitize the offboarding process

    Talmundo saves your team valuable time and resources by eliminating manual tasks, ensuring secure offboardee data management, and seamlessly automating feedback collection.


    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Eliminate repetitive manual work

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Securely manage leaver data

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Collect continuous offboarding feedback


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    Eliminate repetitive manual work



    A strong administrative base is a potent time saver that allows HR to focus their limited resources on personal touches that improve the employee experience.

    With the Talmundo task manager, repetitive tasks can be set up as automatic, interactive workflows that will reduce mistakes, save time and promote productivity, organization and motivation. Tasks can be assigned to leavers, managers, HR team members or any other offboarding stakeholder in your journey.

    Alongside tasks, streamlined email prompts and reminders encourage managers, leavers and other stakeholders to stay on top of their to-do lists and manage offboarding compliance responsibilities. This includes helping IT and procurement manage the return and collection of company assets in a timely fashion.

    Streamline your time with Talmundo.


    Securely manage leaver data

    Securely manage leaver data


    Experience seamless offboarding processes with our state-of-the-art data management.

    We understand the importance of data security, which is why our platform ensures the secure management of leaver data. Our automated data deletion feature not only streamlines your offboarding workflow but also guarantees that you're always on the right side of GDPR regulations. 

    With Talmundo, you can confidently lock down your data, protecting sensitive information and maintaining compliance effortlessly.

    Lockdown your data with Talmundo.


    Collect continuous offboarding feedback

    Collect continuous offboarding feedback


    With Talmundo, feedback is more than just a data point, it’s the currency that HR can transform into actionable intelligence.

    With our interactive pulse checks, HR gains invaluable insights in real-time, effortlessly evaluating the offboarding process. And say goodbye to the hassle of managing high volumes of exit interviews – our system ensures you capture feedback both before and after, streamlining the entire HR process.

    But that's not all. Our comprehensive feedback forms let HR teams zoom in on qualitative leaver feedback, laying the foundation for future improvements. Uncover insights that can shape your strategies and enhance future employee experiences.

    Become feedback-focused with Talmundo.



    Empower your leavers

    Talmundo helps your team create an engaging, meaningful leaving experience with personalized, interactive content that empowers your leavers to depart with dignity.


    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Share helpful interactive content

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Personalize the departure experience


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    Share interactive content



    Sharing interactive offboarding content is a great way to engage and inform departing employees. 

    With Talmundo's drag-and-drop learning pages, you can easily create and customize offboarding materials that help educate, inform, and inspire your leavers. Choose from our pre-styled templates or create your own to match your brand and culture and utilize platform-hosted imagery and embedded video options to make your content stand out. 

    Stay on top of offboarding compliance through in-app hosted FAQs covering tax, insurance, health care, pension, and more. Talmundo provides a comprehensive solution to ensure a smooth offboarding process while keeping you compliant with all the necessary regulations.

    Inform and inspire with Talmundo.


    Personalize the departure experience

    Personalize the departure experience


    Goodbyes aren’t one-size-fits-all, and neither should be the offboarding experience. 

    With our personalization features, we empower HR teams to customize farewells like never before. Our intuitive custom data filters enable HR professionals to curate unique offboarding journeys tailored to different types of leavers. Whether it's a retiring employee, a career explorer, or someone moving on to new horizons, we've got them covered. 

    And our step-by-step offboarding journey planner ensures that every leaver gains crystal-clear insights into the leaving process, because every departure story is as unique as the individual behind it.

    Deliver a tailored departure with Talmundo.



    Protect your people and your brand

    Talmundo helps you protect your brand, manage compliance responsibilities and drive recruitment efforts by safeguarding organizational knowledge, optimizing the offboarding experience for future employees, and leaving a lasting positive brand impression.


    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Safeguard organizational knowledge

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Continuously improve the process for future employees

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Drive positive brand impressions


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    Safeguard organizational knowledge



    By safeguarding organizational knowledge, you establish continuity, boost operational efficiency, and empower future employees with a wealth of accumulated wisdom.

    Talmundo's integrated document hosting feature lets departing employees securely upload handover documents directly to the platform. This process ensures a seamless transition of responsibilities, allowing platform admins to easily connect new hires, managers, and stakeholders with essential handover information during onboarding.

    The long-form page builder guides leavers through the knowledge-sharing process, safeguarding personal data, company know-how, and trade secrets.

    Preserve your knowledge legacy with Talmundo.


    Continuously improve the process for future employees

    Continuously improve the process for future employees


    Are you repeating offboarding errors without realizing it? Data holds the key.

    Our tailored data dashboards offer invaluable insights into offboardee activities, enabling you to identify successes and areas that need refinement. This data empowers HR to optimize offboarding strategies, guaranteeing a seamless transition for departing employees while enhancing overall efficiency and success.

    Discover a smarter way to offboard and watch your organization thrive like never before.

    Make informed decisions with Talmundo.


    Drive positive brand impressions

    Drive positive brand impressions


    Did you know 15% of new hires come from alumni rehires and referrals?

    Our offboarding product helps HR cultivate a sense of loyalty and enthusiasm among leavers by improving the employee experience. By facilitating a positive departure, we help transform your departing employees into powerful advocates, driving future recruitment efforts effortlessly.

    Boost your brand today with Talmundo.



    Knowing how to say goodbye properly to departing employees can actually help organizations keep their top talent around.


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