Enhance exit management_

    Safeguard business continuity, develop your future processes, and create loyal brand ambassadors with powerful digital offboarding software.
    Enhance exit management_
    Talmundo Offboarding Platform Benefit FEATURE


    The benefits of digital offboarding:

      Support positive leaving experiences, give space for meaningful goodbyes and encourage the future growth of your departing employees.
    • FOR HR
      Minimize human error, ensure seamless knowledge transfer, and easily collect feedback for the long-term improvement of your HR processes.
      Guide constructive manager involvement in offboarding, protect ongoing team integrity, and promote comprehensive handover practices throughout your entire organization.


    Talmundo's powerful offboarding platform is built to support the 5 components of GOOD exit management with tailored, best-practice features.


    Talmundo Offboarding Assessment Feedback Pulse Check


    Has the departing employee given feedback on their time with the organization?

    Talmundo uses interactive features and customizable reports to deliverable actionable data.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  Interactive pulse checks provide real-time evaluation of the offboarding process.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  Comprehensive feedback forms let HR gather qualitative leaver feedback for future improvements.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  Customizable data dashboards offer insight on offboardee activities
    Talmundo Offboarding Brand Alumni Testimonial Learning Page


    Has the departing employee been empowered to be a positive future brand ambassador?

    Talmundo’s custom page builder and best-practice support articles help your HR team create a positive, branded experience that your departing employees will rave about.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  Easy-to-use learning page builder for custom content creation including testimonials, guides, and more.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  Expert support articles that help HR deliver a best-practice journey.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  Intuitive in-app links that direct leavers to your preferred review sites so they can share their positive experiences with the world!

    Talmundo Offboarding Compliance Task Manager


    Is the departing employee legally prepared to leave the organization?

    Talmundo makes compliance a breeze with integrated task management, automated email prompts, and GDPR-proof data administration.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  Powerful task management allows HR to create, assign and manage tasks for all offboarding stakeholders in one central location.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  Streamlined email prompts & reminders encourage managers and leavers to stay on top of their to-do lists.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Automated data deletion ensures you’re always on the right side of GDPR.

    Talmundo Offboarding Dignity Say Goodbye Video


    Has the organization supported the departing employee to leave with dignity and respect?

    Talmundo’s data segmentation, advanced media capabilities, and step-by-step journey planner give the right impression and support to departing employees.


    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  Custom data filters let HR deliver specific offboardee journeys to different types of leavers.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  Advanced video capabilities give leavers the opportunity to upload a goodbye video for their team or the wider organization.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  The step-by-step journey planner gives leavers clarity on the offboarding process.

    Talmundo Offboarding Expertise Handover Guide Learning Page


    Has the departing employee’s specialist knowledge been shared and/or documented?

    Talmundo’s multi-tab page builder, custom forms, and document hosting features put HR in control of a seamless knowledge collection process.


    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  The long-form page builder lets HR guide leavers through the knowledge-sharing process.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE  Customizable forms allow for the simplified collection of offboardee data and knowledge.

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Integrated document hosting lets onboardees directly upload their handover documents in the Talmundo platform.

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    Knowing how to say goodbye properly to departing employees can actually help organizations keep their top talent around.

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