[Calculator] Onboarding ROI calculator

Use this handy calculator to discover the return on investment that digital onboarding software could bring to your organization.

What to expect from the calculator

DETERMINE YOUR BASELINE Learn how to calculate your current new hire return on investment.
DEFINE YOUR GOALS Experiment with different onboarding milestones and see the direct financial correlation.
DISCOVER YOUR ROI Calculate the impact of digital onboarding on your new hire ROI.

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Ever wanted to know the financial impacts of a strong digital employee onboarding process on your business?

Well, now you can!

Our free onboarding ROI calculator takes standard figures like:

  • Number of annual onboardees
  • Staff turnover rate
  • Yearly company revenue
  • Current headcount
  • Existing onboarding investment figures

To create a baseline return-on-investment calculation for your current onboarding set-up.


Once you've calculated your baseline, you can easily use the calculator to preview the kind of savings you could make by investing in a digital onboarding solution.

You can set turnover and engagement goals and see how achieving these goals with onboarding will affect your bottom line.

You can even experiment with different levels of budgetary investment to see what would work BEST for your business.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out now!