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    5 tips for working remotely during COVID-19

    COVID-19 is changing the rules of engagement for organizations around the globe, with remote work becoming the new (temporary) normal.

    And while working from home is seen by many to be 'living the dream', the truth is that performing at 100% when you’re less than 50 meters from your bed can be challenging.

    So we're here to help you make the most of it with 5 tips to help you navigate the pitfalls and potential drains of remote work.

    1 Being both a night owl AND a morning person

    When you have to be at the office at 9 AM sharp every morning, you’re kind of forced to be in bed at a reasonable time. When no one is calling the shots, though, all bets are off. That means one episode on Netflix can quickly turn into a full-blown binge in the evening and a late start the next morning.

    If that late start sets you back and you need to work extended hours the next day, your sleep schedule can quickly get out of whack and lead to burnout. Don’t let the best part of working remotely—the flexibility—take over your life. Find the best schedule for you, whether that means starting later or beginning the day early, and then stick with it to ensure that you get enough work and sleep under your belt.

    2 Isolated on home office island

    Working from home means not having to share a cubicle or worry about anyone stealing your food from the fridge, but it also means a greater risk of isolation. Remote workers, make an effort to take breaks and rejoin the wider world.

    Turn on your webcam for every meeting, take a walk, call your mum. Even the smallest interactions can lower stress and ensure that you’re not spending taking too much “me, myself, and I” time during the week.

    3 Dressed for...distress?

    Skype meetings mean you only have to look professional from the waist up. However, just because you can wear pajama bottoms all day doesn’t mean you should.

    Getting dressed as you normally would for the office can mentally switch you from lounging mode into work mode, and even lead to greater abstract thinking and success.

    We never thought we’d have to say this but…pants on, folks!

    4 Blurring the boundaries

    With no clear separation between work time and personal time, feeling like you’re constantly on the clock is par for the course for many remote workers.

    Setting a specific time to close up shop every day can prevent you from jumping at the sound of every email hitting your phone at night.

    5 Going on a vitamin D diet

    When you need a little vitamin D, that office lamp just won’t cut it. Make it a point to get out of the house at least once a day to catch some rays, if only for a 10-minute walk at lunchtime.

    Getting your body moving after several hours of work can revamp your energy and clear your mind, leaving you ready to rock the second half of the day from the comfort of your home office.


    Working from home successfully is about more than minimizing distractions and
    creating an awesome home office.

    Dealing with complex employment scenarios due to COVID-19?

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