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    Employee preboarding best practices in 2023

    In today's highly competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is critical to the success of any organization. As a result, companies are increasingly focusing on employee preboarding - the period of time between when a new employee accepts a job offer and their first day on the job - to ensure a seamless transition into their new role.

    In this blog post, we'll explore the best employee preboarding practices for 2023, including key tasks HR needs to get right to deliver a positive onboarding experience that sets your employees up for success from day one. 

    Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, these tips will help you attract and retain top talent and position your organization for long-term success.

    1. The process best practices

    A key component of successful employee preboarding is ensuring all administrative tasks are taken care of. These tasks will act as the backbone of the preboarding process, ensuring it runs smoothly and the employee-employer relationship has a successful start. This includes providing the necessary documentation, outlining policies and procedures, and facilitating communication between the new hire and the relevant departments within your organization. 

    By completing these administrative tasks, you provide a solid foundation for employees to feel at ease and prepared for their first day, helping reduce stress and increasing the likelihood of a successful transition.

    When it comes to preboarding best practices, it's essential to prioritize administrative tasks to create a positive first impression with new employees and set the stage for a successful employee-employer relationship.

    Critical tasks:

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Ensure your new hire’s contracts and support is reviewed and signed
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Sign payroll documentation and share benefits and leave entitlements with your new hire
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Organize your new hire’s email and IT requirements 
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Provide information on dress code, main point of contact, and schedule for your new hire’s first day

    How Talmundo’s employee onboarding software supports process best practices during preboarding

    Talmundo-Preboarding -Software-Forms

    Talmundo’s interactive software allows HR to collect key employee information with in-app forms and works as a centralized information portal, streamlining the entire new hire administrative process.

    As well as this, HR can use the Tasks functionality to pre-schedule tasks for both new hires and other onboarding stakeholders such as managers, to ensure no part of the administrative process goes unchecked.

    2. The culture best practices

    While administrative tasks are crucial, it’s important to go beyond the logistical aspects to consider the human element of preboarding. Communicating your company culture during the preboarding process can have a big impact on your new hire’s experience, setting expectations and creating a sense of community.  

    Bring your company’s unique culture into the employee preboarding journey with tasks and activities that incorporate your company’s value, mission, and vision. This is done best in an engaging, interactive and fun way, and will ensure new hires are excited about joining the company.

    Critical tasks:

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Send your new hire a personalized welcome pack 
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Share videos on the company’s mission & culture and a ‘day in the life’, and resources on the company’s take on diversity and inclusion
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Introduce your new hire to the team before their first day
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Connect your new hire with a preboarding buddy

    How Talmundo’s employee onboarding software supports culture best practices during preboarding

    Talmundo-Preboarding -Software-Quiz

    3. The next-level best practices

    Let’s face it, first impressions count, and it’s no different for employers. Ensuring your new hire feels welcomed, appreciated, and supported before their first day will improve the employee experience and set the tone for a long-lasting, successful relationship with the company. 

    By going beyond the procedural aspects of preboarding, it's possible to delight your new hire and potentially create a brand ambassador before they even begin. You can do this with extra touches that show the company is looking forward to them joining the team. 

    Critical tasks:

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Invite your new hire to complete a virtual scavenger hunt
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Ask your new hire to join an in-person team-building activity or happy hour before their start date
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Send your new hire a virtual office tour or a 360-degree video of the office space
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Send a role-related book or podcast recommendation to your new hire

    How Talmundo’s employee onboarding software supports next-level best practices during preboarding

    Talmundo-Preboarding -Software-360-Tour
    With Talmundo, you can upload a virtual 360 tour directly to the app so new hires can explore their new workspace before they start. And if you don’t have the tech in-house to facilitate this, the friendly Talmundo customer service team can help you out!

    4. The day-before-they-start best practices

    It’s normal for new hires to experience a range of emotions as they prepare for their first day, including excitement and anxiety. These feelings may peak the day before their start day, creating an ideal opportunity for HR to check in and confirm that everything is in place for a seamless onboarding experience. 

    Performing a few final checks during the day can prevent any oversights and ensure a positive experience for the new hire. By taking a proactive approach, you can ensure the new hire starts their first day with confidence and is empowered to be productive from day one.

    Critical tasks:

    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Reach out to your new hire with a final call or email to check they have everything they need
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Put together a reminder checklist of the things to bring along with them on day 1
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Send over local information including where parking and public transportation information, and recommended lunch spots
    Talmundo Check - PURPLE Re-send the first-day schedule


    How Talmundo’s employee onboarding software supports day-before best practices during preboarding

    Talmundo-Preboarding -Software-Timed-Content

    The Talmundo app lets you time-release content to ensure new hires receive what they need when they need it. This means you can pre-schedule all those last-minute things like local info, reminder checklists and directions to the office to be delivered to your onboardee the day before they start. Simple, effective and future-proof!


    The preboarding process lays the foundation for a successful employee-employer relationship so it’s key to get it right. By following these best practices of preboarding you can ensure your new hire has the support and resources they need to succeed. From must-do administrative tasks, introduction to company culture, and those extra touches that make first impressions long-lasting; incorporating these processes will successfully boost employee satisfaction, team morale, and company productivity. 

    Want even more preboarding tips and tricks? Try our downloadable preboarding checklist for a picture-perfect start!


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