Integrating SuccessFactors and Talmundo

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    Setting up an integration between SuccessFactors and Talmundo allows you to sync data from the recruitment phase of the employee journey through to the onboarding phase, triggering certain actions in Talmundo when a new hire starts with your organization.
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    Integration status


    Sharing Mechanism

    Data Pull [4 hours]

    Launch date

    September 2021

    SuccessFactors techs and specs

    The process

    If your contract includes an API connection, the process is as follows:

    Technical Phase

    • Access and explain which data is to be used and where certain data is configured [Client]
    • Deliver a minimal test App/Environment for validating the integration [Talmundo]
    • Activate the integration [Talmundo]


    Implementation Phase

    • Align on the Filters and Key Contact categories
    • Configure mapping for the Filters [Talmundo]
    • Align on the employees to be invited to the Talmundo App
    • Configure possible exclusion rules [Talmundo]
    • Validate the data in the test app (either as an export or in the App itself) [Client]

    Go-live Phase

    • Agree on a go-live date (and which employees to include based on start date) 
    • Activate the integration on the agreed date [Talmundo]
    • Enjoy your new automated process

    The requirements

    There are certain tasks you need to complete to enable us to configure your integration:

    • Create access credentials for SuccessFactors API 
    • Hold a meeting with Talmundo team to explain which data to use

    The time frame


    The integration process usually takes around 2 - 3 weeks depending on the availability of all stakeholders.

    The bulk of this time is spent on the alignment and test activities that ensure your integration runs as expected.

    Ideally, this will be aligned with your initial implementation process for a seamless transition to the new onboarding system.

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