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    5 unmistakable benefits of HR automation and digital onboarding

    We don’t have to tell you how great new tech can be for human resources. Technology is changing every part of HR, from tracking job applicants to streamlining people management. It's part of the big picture changes for the future of HR.

    But the benefits of HR tech reach far beyond your company's HR department.

    Your entire organization can save time and money while creating a much more engaging employee experience. Let’s dive into just a few of the benefits of digital onboarding and automated HR.


    #1 Processes become easy peasy

    Think about the number of HR and onboarding related processes that have to be done manually at your organization.

    • Running through your pre-hire and onboarding checklist
    • Ensuring that new hire training gets completed and filing documentation
    • Getting managers involved in onboarding
    • Introducing new hires to the company and their coworkers
    • Tracking key performance indicators to assess new hire productivity

    There’s a lot for any ONE team to do. With a customized onboarding product like Talmundo, you can automate many of these processes without hiring additional team members. This includes things like updating contact details for new joiners, delivering interactive 360-degree digital office tours, sending task reminder notifications, and much more.

    #2 Thousands of hours saved every year

    By automating these key HR processes, you’ll not only free up time for your HR team, but other employees will win some part of their day back as well. Administrators will no longer have to spend time updating welcome packets and employee handbooks. Managers won’t have to arrange meet and greets with coworkers. The IT department is free from crunching new hire performance data and compiling reports. To get started with.

    And on a second layer, the recruitment team won’t have to spend time on replacing new hires who left early because their onboarding did not convince. (Did you know that 30% of new hires decide whether to stay at their positions within the first 90 days?) All in all, automated HR and digital onboarding can mean thousands of team member hours saved per year. What’s not to love?

    #3 Employee engagement that takes the cake


    Once you have all those free hours, your only problem is going to be deciding how to spend them. After implementing their onboarding journey with Talmundo's software, ABN AMRO was able to automate new hire admin and reallocate those previously booked hours to in-person initiatives like quarterly Welcome Events and networking.

    #4 Identifying wins and losses


    There’s no better way to improve onboarding and employee engagement than to gather feedback, but that can be a cumbersome, pull-your-hair-out process without the right tools. Forget the Stone Age and let the automation tools do the work. The Talmundo's survey widget automatically asks new hires how their onboarding went and how your company can improve. It’s an ideal touchpoint to show employees that you care about their engagement and value their feedback.

    #5 Cost savings that will make your head spin


    More efficient processes, better new hire retention, thousands of company hours saved, better employee engagement—all of this can add up to massive cost savings. Let’s do some quick math. If your average employee makes €20 per hour and saves just 160 hours per year, 3 hours per week, with HR and onboarding automation, that’s a savings of about €3,200 per year per each employee. Multiply that by several team members and soon enough, those savings can really pad your bottom line.

    Learn more about how ABN Amro uses Talmundo to bring automation and data to onboarding for its 24,000 employees across 15 countries.

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