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    50 essential onboarding survey questions for a seamless transition

    Embarking on a new professional journey can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Organizations invest substantial time and resources into ensuring that their employees have a smooth onboarding process. Yet, even the most meticulously designed onboarding programs can benefit from a critical ingredient: feedback

    In this blog, we'll delve into the importance of gathering feedback during the onboarding process and provide a comprehensive list of onboarding survey questions tailored to each stage of the journey. Whether you're a new employee or an HR professional, these questions can help shape an onboarding process that fosters engagement, productivity, and long-term success.

    Why asking for feedback during the onboarding process is important

    Feedback serves as a compass, guiding organizations towards refining their onboarding processes. It provides invaluable insights into what's working, what needs improvement, and what might be missing altogether. By actively seeking feedback, companies demonstrate their commitment to employee success and development, fostering a culture of open communication from day one. This engagement can lead to higher retention rates, improved job satisfaction, and a more seamless integration of new team members.

    When you should ask for feedback during the onboarding process

    The onboarding journey is marked by various stages, each with its unique challenges and experiences. It's essential to capture feedback at specific intervals to ensure the onboarding process remains effective and adaptable. For example, it makes little sense to ask a new hire about their future career goals and development within your organization during the first week when they’re only just getting to grips with your organization. Similarly, it’s unhelpful to ask whether a new hire’s first day was a positive experience weeks after they’ve started. 

    You need to ask the RIGHT question, at the RIGHT time. Let's explore the key phases and the questions to ask at each stage. 

    Questions to ask during the prestart and early onboarding period


     5 questions to ask about the recruitment process:

    1. How well did the job description align with your actual role and responsibilities?
    2. Were the interview process and timeline transparent and efficient?
    3. Did you have a clear understanding of the organization's values and culture before joining?
    4. Were your expectations about the role and company met during the recruitment process?
    5. Did the recruitment team adequately address your questions and concerns?

    5 questions to ask about the preboarding experience:

    6. How would you rate the information provided to prepare you for your first day?
    7. Were the preboarding materials comprehensive and easy to understand?
    8. Did the preboarding process make you feel excited and well-prepared for your new role?
    9. Were there any logistical or informational gaps you encountered during preboarding?
    10. Did you receive a warm welcome from the team before officially joining?

    5 questions to ask about the first day:

    11. How would you describe your first-day experience in terms of organization and orientation?
    12. Were the facilities and technology resources readily available for you on your first day?
    13. Did you feel comfortable asking questions and seeking assistance on your first day?
    14. Were your immediate team members and colleagues introduced to you in a welcoming manner?
    15. Did your first-day experience align with your expectations and hopes?

    5 questions to ask about the first week:

    16. Did you have a clear understanding of your initial tasks and priorities?
    17. Were the training and learning resources sufficient for your first-week objectives?
    18. Did you receive constructive feedback on your early contributions?
    19. Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced during your first week?
    20. Did your first-week experience make you feel confident about your decision to join the organization?

    How Talmundo makes gathering feedback a breeze

    The Talmundo software offers a range of tools and functionalities that empower HR teams to collect continuous feedback during the onboarding process.

    Ask the right onboarding survey questions at the right moment, swiftly identify potential concerns and seamlessly implement necessary changes so that newly onboarded employees receive the support they need, and future onboardees participate in an elevated onboarding experience.

    Our feedback tools offer:

    > Short-form pulse checks, enabling users to rate their experiences using a star or emoji-based system.
    > Comprehensive questionnaires tailored to capture insights during pivotal moments during the new hire journey.
    > Real-time feedback checks facilitated by our AI chatbot, seamlessly collected following interactions with new hires.

    Sound good? Book a call with one of our team today to learn what Talmundo can do for you!

    Questions to ask in the first 60 days of onboarding

    5 questions to ask about the learning and training experience:

    21. How effective were the training materials in equipping you with essential skills and knowledge?
    22. Did you have opportunities to apply what you learned during training to real tasks?
    23. Were the learning resources accessible and tailored to your learning style?
    24. Did you receive timely feedback on your progress and performance?
    25. Were there any areas where you felt additional training would have been beneficial?

    5 questions to ask to gauge employee engagement and satisfaction:

    26. On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your overall onboarding experience so far?
    27. Do you feel integrated into the team and the company's culture?
    28. Are you comfortable with the level of communication and interaction with your colleagues and manager?
    29. Do you see yourself making a valuable contribution to the organization in the long run?
    30. Are there any concerns or suggestions you'd like to share regarding your early experiences?

    5 questions to ask about manager support:

    31. How would you rate the support and guidance provided by your manager?
    32. Did your manager clearly define your roles and responsibilities within the team?
    33. Have you had regular one-on-one check-ins with your manager to discuss your progress and concerns?
    34. Do you feel comfortable approaching your manager with questions and feedback?
    35. Have you received constructive feedback from your manager that has helped you improve your performance?
    Questions to ask toward the end of the onboarding process:

    5 questions to ask about role clarity:

    36. Do you have a clear understanding of your role's expectations and objectives?
    37. Are you aware of how your role contributes to the broader goals of the organization?
    38. Have any role-related challenges or uncertainties arisen since your initial days?
    39. Do you feel you have the necessary resources and support to excel in your role?
    40. Are there any areas where you require additional clarification or training?

    5 questions to ask about career development and personal growth:

    41. Do you believe the organization is invested in your professional growth and development?
    42. Are you aware of the potential career paths and advancement opportunities within the company?
    43. Have you had discussions with your manager about your long-term career goals?
    44. Have you been given opportunities to take on new responsibilities and challenges?
    45. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to refer someone to the organization based on your onboarding experience?


    5 questions to ask about the overall onboarding experience:

    46. Reflecting on your entire onboarding journey, what aspects stand out as particularly positive?
    47. Were there any aspects of the onboarding process that you found lacking or could be improved?
    48. If you were to recommend the organization to a friend, what aspects of the onboarding experience would you highlight?
    49. Did the onboarding process meet your expectations in terms of support and information?
    50. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to refer someone to the organization based on your onboarding experience?
    Extra for experts:


    5 questions to ask remote onboardees: 

    1. How effective has the virtual onboarding process been in helping you acclimate to the company's culture?
    2. Have you faced any challenges or obstacles specific to remote onboarding?
    3. Do you feel connected to your remote team members and colleagues?
    4. Are the communication tools and platforms provided sufficient for your remote onboarding needs?
    5. Are there any adjustments or improvements you would recommend to enhance the remote onboarding experience?

    The Takeaway

    Feedback is the lifeblood of successful onboarding. It empowers organizations to fine-tune their processes and ensures that new employees have the resources and support they need to excel. By strategically asking these onboarding survey questions, you can craft an onboarding experience that nurtures engagement, cultivates potential, and lays the foundation for long-term success. 

    Remember, onboarding is not just about getting employees up to speed—it's about setting them on a trajectory of growth within your organization.

    Collecting feedback is just ONE way to measure the success of your employee onboarding process. Check out our blog ‘HR metrics: What to measure for successful employee onboarding?’ to learn more!

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