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    5 unmistakable benefits of digital onboarding your team will thank you for

    We don’t have to tell you technology is changing every aspect of how we work. From AI, saas products, and innovative new platforms; everyday digital tools help simplify monotonous tasks and free us to get on with our jobs. And for the HR world, it’s no different. Digital onboarding is transforming organizations, seamlessly putting teams together faster, and helping businesses grow better. 

    Sure, the benefits of digital onboarding are felt directly by HR teams, but the scope of the rewards is much wider. From new hires, admin teams, managers, cross-department colleagues, and the C-suite, your entire organization will thank you for a seamless, reliable onboarding process. 

    So how will digital onboarding benefit your organization? Let’s dive in.


    #1 Digital onboarding makes processes easy peasy

    Think about the number of HR and onboarding-related processes that have to be done manually at your organization.

    • Running through your pre-hire and onboarding checklist
    • Ensuring that new hire training gets completed and filing documentation
    • Getting managers involved in onboarding
    • Introducing new hires to the company and their coworkers
    • Tracking key performance indicators to assess new hire productivity

    There’s a lot for any ONE team to do. And, for organizations onboarding remote employees across multiple regions, it gets even more complicated. 

    These days there are 44% more employees working remotely than 5 years ago, making great remote digital onboarding more of a need than an optional extra

    With customized employee onboarding software like Talmundo, you can automate onboarding processes without hiring additional HR team members. This includes things like updating contact details for new joiners, delivering interactive 360-degree digital office tours, sending task reminder notifications, setting up buddy systems, and much more.

    Ditch the days of forgotten tasks, missed documentation, or out-of-the-loop colleagues. And say hello to clear oversight across regions and departments, happy and engaged new hires, and better-equipped teams.

    Digital onboarding is your surefire way to consistently meet the needs of your new hires while keeping all stakeholders on the same page. 

    #2 Thousands of hours saved digital onboarding automations

    With digital onboarding set up, you’ll not only free up time for your HR team, but other employees will win some part of their day back as well. Administrators will no longer have to spend time updating welcome packets and employee handbooks. Managers won’t have to arrange meet and greets with coworkers. The IT department is free from crunching new hire performance data and compiling reports. And that’s just the start.

    Additionally, your recruitment team won’t have to spend time replacing new hires who left early because their onboarding did not live up to expectations. (Did you know that 30% of new hires decide whether to stay at their positions within the first 90 days?) 

    Managing the growing number of remote workers also takes up valuable time. Without a new hire in the office, it can be easy for managers and colleagues to lose track of their progress. Before you know it, you’ve got additional meetings, calls, and confusion, all taking up precious hours in everyone’s schedule. 

    An employee onboarding software acts as the oil in your HR engine, streamlining communications, aligning teams, and seamlessly integrating new employees into your organization. 


    #3 Digital onboarding takes the cake when it comes to employee engagement


    When it comes to employee engagement and onboarding, there’s a familiar statistic you’ll see time and time again: employees onboarded effectively are 33% more engaged in their work. It’s a great indicator of the benefits of digital onboarding, but there’s more to it. 

    Onboardees are more engaged because their HR teams and managers have more time to invest in them. 

    After implementing their onboarding journey with Talmundo's software, ABN AMRO was able to automate new hire admin and reallocate those previously booked hours to in-person initiatives like quarterly Welcome Events and networking.

    By saving valuable hours on repetitive administrative tasks with digital onboarding, your teams can add the personal touch that helps build happy and engaged teams.

    #4 A digital onboarding software highlights your wins and losses


    There’s no better way to improve onboarding and employee engagement than to gather feedback, but that can be a cumbersome, pull-your-hair-out process without the right tools. Forget the Stone Age and let digital onboarding do the work. 

    Talmundo's survey widget automatically asks new hires how their onboarding went and where your company can improve. It’s an ideal touchpoint to show employees that you care about their engagement and value their feedback.

    But you don’t have to wait until an employee is onboarded to find out how you performed. Throughout the onboarding process, you have the opportunity to set up pulse checks to touch base with your new hire. This will equip you with valuable feedback to improve their experience and the experience of future onboardees. 

    Pulse checks are one of the most helpful aspects of remote digital onboarding too as they allow you to check in with new hires on an individual level while giving you insights into your onboarding process as a whole.

    #5 Savings that will make your head spin: how digital onboarding safeguards your recruitment costs


    More efficient processes, better new hire retention, thousands of company hours saved, better employee engagement—all of this can add up to massive cost savings. Let’s do some quick math. If your average employee makes €20 per hour and saves just 160 hours per year (3 hours per week) with HR and onboarding automation, that’s a savings of about €3,200 per year per employee. Multiply that by several team members (and remember that’s not just your HR team!) and soon enough, those savings can really pad your bottom line.

    But those aren’t the only costs saved. Getting your onboarding right can potentially increase employee retention by up to 82%. What does that mean? More happy employees staying at your organization = less hiring costs, and at an average €4494 per hire that’s no mean feat.


    The Takeaway


    Adding digital onboarding to your HR toolbox is a decision your organization will thank you for. With simple-to-follow processes, precious hours earnt back company-wide, and engaged new hires, there’s little to lose. And let’s not forget the numbers; metrics that will keep your HR efforts on track and cost savings that will get any decision-maker's attention.

    Make everyone’s life easier with digital onboarding software.


    Ready to find out how digital onboarding can transform your teams? 


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