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Author: Talmundo

01 March How HR leaders can unlock more value from the non-traditional workforce

Posted at 03: 57h

“Today’s workforce has become a dynamic talent ecosystem”, Deloitte announce in their 2018 Global Capital Trends report.

Which means today’s HR and..

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22 February 3 steps to a winning diversity program for your modern workforce

Posted at 05: 23h

in Managing People, Onboarding, Succeeding At Work

If you’re into building awesomely diverse teams and producing above-average profits, you probably have an employee diversity and inclusion program in..

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15 February Should my job be bringing me joy?

Posted at 01: 00h

in Managing People, Succeeding At Work

You’ll spend about 90,000 hours working during your lifetime. (Pssst! If you’re curious, that number is about one quarter to one third of your life.)..

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05 February Employee Onboarding Platform Essential Guide: Content Populating

Posted at 05: 06h

in employee onboarding platform

 You have picked your favorite employee onboarding platform, got all of the key stakeholders on board and can't wait to introduce your new hires to..

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25 January 20 incredible onboarding facts that’ll change how you treat new hires

Posted at 04: 24h

in Onboarding

With employee onboarding, speculation is often the name of the game. You can only guess what new hires want and then try to concoct a “Goldilocks”..

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18 January New HR for new generations: 3 outdated assumptions to rethink right now

Posted at 01: 56h

in Trends & Insights, Onboarding

You’ve heard the stereotypes: Gen Z wants every workplace to have flexible hours and a free coffee bar. Millennials don’t have the work ethic of..

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11 January Don’t let SAD kill office productivity

Posted at 03: 57h

in Managing People

There’s a name for how blegghh you feel during the winter months: seasonal affective disorder, unsurprisingly known as SAD. And sad is how a lot of..

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04 January Boo! How to prevent ghosting and HR heartbreak

Posted at 02: 56h

in Onboarding

Have you ever been on a great date with instant chemistry and interesting conversation, only to never hear back from the other person afterward? That’s..

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28 December The four prongs of EXCEPTIONAL employee onboarding

Posted at 02: 54h

in Onboarding

You probably already have a reasonable employee onboarding program. 

Which is a shame. 

Because reasonable isn’t exceptional.

And exceptional employee..

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18 December A quick-start guide for seasonal employee onboarding

Posted at 01: 07h

in Trends & Insights, Onboarding

‘Tis the season for temp, contractor and freelance talent to shine. Or not, depending on your seasonal employee onboarding practices.

Because here’s..

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