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    Building blocks for a perfect first year on the job

    Your newest hires have signed their contracts, sent in their payroll forms, and you've confirmed their schedules for the upcoming first day at the office. Isn't it time to relax and go back to vetting new candidates for other open positions or take an extra-long coffee break? Probably not.  

    HR's job starts way before new hires' first day and is far from over after the first week. According to Aberdeen Group 90% of employees decide whether to stay or leave during their first year in a new company. It is now up to the organization to ensure employee retention and provide the framework for consistent feedback and development mechanisms. Having a strong employee development plan in place will help with this.

    If your company is on a hiring spree, or perhaps your HR resources are already overstretched, it is understandable that you won't be able to keep every new hire's progress in mind. The start dates, training activities and orientation packages should vary from one new hire to another, making it a tough task to keep track of everything that needs to happen. From setting performance objectives to career counselling - every new hire requires guidance throughout their first year.

    To assist you in creating a structured employee development plan beyond the initial onboarding steps, we have put together a ready-made New Hire Milestones Checklist, highlighting the most important dates on your calendar.

    • Pre-boarding: Things to prepare before your new hire starts
    • The First Week Focus: Make sure you organize the orientation activities that really matter
    • Follow- up ideas: The 1, 3, 6 month and annual milestones
    • Extras: Advice on going the extra mile and making a lasting positive impact on each new team member

    Become an Onboarding Strategy Star by following our feedback and follow-up tips, ensuring employee progress and satisfaction from day 1.

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    If your onboarding activities are not already tailored according to seniority and profiles of every new employee, then it is time to diversify your new hire onboarding content using our Newbie Profile Manual and FAQs.


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